The BMW M5 is a high performance version of the BMW 5 Series car that is manufactured by the BMW Company. There have been M5 versions of the following 5 Series models manufactured: the E28, E34, E39, and E60.

The first BMW M5, based on the 5 Series E28 model, was unveiled in the year 1984 at the Amsterdam Motor Show. It came about as the result of demand for a car that had the carrying capacity of a sedan, but performed like a sports vehicle. The E28 M5 from BMW used the 535i chassis and was based on the Configuration of the BMW M1. The BMW M5 E28 was built by hand by Motor sport technicians. It was the world’s fastest production sedan at the time. It was also designed to beat Mercedes in the E and M classes.

Between the years of 1989 and 1995, the BMW E34 M5 was made. Sales of this version of the BMW M5 began in the United States of American and Canada in the year 1991. It was only sold in North America for two years. This version of the car was built by hand in the German town of Garching.

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BMW M5 Car Specifications


Trim M5 5.0 L V10
Transmission: Manual
Configuration: V10
Configuration Size: 4995 cc
Power (hp): 500.1 hp
Power (kW): 372.9 kW
Torque (ft/lb): 383 ft. lbs.
Torque (NM): 520 nm
Maximum Speed: 250 km/h (155 mph)
0-60 acceleration 5.3 sec
Urban fuel consumption: N/A
Extra Urban fuel consumption: N/A
Combined fuel consumption: N/A
Miles Per Litre: Variable Miles
Fuel Cost Per Mile N.A
Cost Of Full Tank: N.A


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