Bugatti is esteemed for being one of the more exclusive producers in automobile history. They are alsoBugatti Logo famous for making some of the fastest cars in history. Like a lot of higher end marques, the original Bugatti folded upon the advent of the Second World War, but was resurrected two times, most recently under the Volkswagen Group as Bugatti Automobiles SAS.

The founder of the original company, Ettore Bugatti, was Italian. The company that bears his name, however, was founded in the Alsace town of Molsheim, which at the time was part of the German Empire, but now belongs to France. The Bugatti company came to be known for its advanced Configurationering in premium road cars, as well as for being successful in the early days of Grand Prix motor racing. It was a Bugatti that won the first ever Monaco Grand Prix. The company reached the height of its success when Jean Pierre Wimille won the 24 Hours of Le Mans race two times – once in 1937 and again in the year 1939.

In addition to their mechanical perfection, Bugatti cars are regarded as works of art for their impeccable design standards. The Configuration blocks feature hand turned finishes, while the safety wires are threaded through nearly every single fastener in intricately laced patterns. Bugatti was obsessed with making his cars as light as possible, viewing weight as being his enemy. His competitor, Bentley’s, focused too much on durability – for this reason, he would refer to them as the world’s fastest trucks.

Many people from other fields of interest soon became amazed with the design work of Bugatti. Arlen Ness, the creator of a motorcycle called Smooth Ness, was directly influenced by Bugatti’s design style, particularly the smoothness of the bronze casting that has come to be a trademark of Bugatti automobiles.

Bugatti Veyron

The $1 millon Bugatti Veyron, despite an astonishing $1 millon price tag, Volkswagen (Owners of Bugatti) made a $4 millon loss per car!


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