Fiat Trepiuno


At the Geneva Auto Show, Fiat recently introduced a new concept vehicle known as the Fiat Trepiuno. The Fiat Trepiuno boasts a retro futuristic design that is meant to be a modern version of the cars that first signified mass motorization in Italy.

The Fiat Trepiuno is an ideal compact vehicle. Its side section consists of numerous overlapping layers, as well as a roof that comes in the shape of a shell that looks a lot smaller from the sides than it is when viewed from above. The Fiat Trepiuno is noted for its fun appearance, which is due to its external traits and specific proportions. It is a model of sturdiness and solidity.

The Fiat Trepiuno boasts a total length of only 3.3 meters. The passenger compartment of the vehicle has been lengthened by the designers in order to attain a pleasing shape that features an airy side view, minimal wheel overhang, and a short bonnet. Of particular note is the wraparound bonnet that folds over the sides. The rib, in the shape of omega, fills the front end of the vehicle without adding any additional friezes or grilles. Thanks to its tiny size, the Fiat Trepiuno has received high marks for its sporty appearance.

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Fiat Trepiuno New Version Fiat Trepiuno Car Image

Fiat Trepiuno Car Specifications


Manufactured In Italy
Numbers Manufactured N/A (Prototype)
Produced in 2004
Length / Width / Height 3300 mm (129.9 in) / N/A / N/A


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