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Based in the town of Solihull in the United Kingdom, Land Rover is an English all terrain Multi PurposeLand Rover Logo Image Vehicle maker. Initially, the phrase Land Rover was employed to refer to one particular type of vehicle that was unveiled in the year 1948 at the Amsterdam Motor Show. The vehicle in question was a pioneering automobile for its time – an all terrain utility vehicle. Later, however, the term Land Rover was employed to refer to a range of four wheel drive automobiles.

At first, Land Rover was an internal division of the Rover Company. Land Rover has been responsible for making and designing several different four wheel drive vehicles over the years through a succession of different owners that has included BMW, British Leyland, and British Aerospace.

Land Rover is currently associated with the Premier Automotive Group, which is a division of the Ford Motor Company. Land Rover has the distinction of being one of the oldest existent SUV brands of automobiles. The only brand that is slightly older is Jeep, which was first trademarked by the Willys Overland Corporation. As of the year 2007, Land Rover is for sale alongside Jaguar. Its future at this point in time is somewhat uncertain.

The vast majority of Land Rovers are made near Birmingham, England at the Solihull factory. The Freelander 2 model is now made near Liverpool at the Jaguar plant near Halewood. Halewood was formally a Ford factory. The Defender models of Land Rover are made all over the world in such diverse locations as Turkey and Brazil.

Michael Bouscher designed the very first Land Rover vehicle in the year 1947 in the United Kingdom. Bouscher had been the chief designer of Rover, a British car company. An American Jeep that he used at his summer holiday home in Wales evidently inspired Bouscher.

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Above - The Land Rover Sport, which is regarded as a luxury pratical vechile.


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