Privacy Policy

Here in Car Auto Portal, we take privacy and purpose as seriously as anyone. That’s why it is important to us that you understand everything our website entails and how your data is handled accordingly.

In short, we want you to understand that the whole purpose of this website is to be an informational website, and we don’t handle any of your data directly. So you can rest assured that using (and all its subdomains) is a safe activity from the moment you click into the website to the moment you click out.

But we know you won’t be convinced of that. That’s why you can find a more detailed explanation of how we handle your data and everything related to the website below.

Amazon Affiliate Disclosure

First of all, you should know that is a marketing affiliate webpage using the Amazon Services LLC Associate Program.

This program helps us develop informational content that we can monetize from clicks on links (embedded in images, ads, and buttons). Thus, every product on the webpage is the exclusive property of Amazon and its sellers.

From the Amazon and AmazonSupply logos to the photos of products and brands, and the trademarks of specific websites, including, Inc., are all of the external ownership (we only own Car Auto Portal website content and logo).

FTC Disclosure

The FTC has developed new guidelines for all affiliate content on the internet. As part of a program that’s overseen by the FTC, we have to comply with all the procedures.

That’s why we make sure that everything on the website, including products, reviews, and testimonials, is designed to meet every FTC standard.

We only help people make better purchasing decisions. And we may monetize this information by allowing direct access to the products we advertise.

Privacy Concerns & Data Management

If there’s something we take seriously, then that’s your privacy. So we make sure to relieve any of your concerns while using our website, especially regarding your data.

You won’t have to worry, though. The data we collect and manage is in safe hands. Apart from that, the information we gather is not monetized or sold. We only use it as part of general usage standards, like tracking and analyzing from third-party mechanisms and improving our marketing & informational edge.

Of course, our way of handling this data may change over time. But you can be sure that we will never use your data in ways that may affect your privacy.

What Data Do We Collect?

As said before, we only collect general data of usage. This includes:

  • IP Address
  • Location in the world
  • The device you’re accessing with
  • Browser or navigation software
  • General privacy settings on your device

As you can see, everything from names, second names, email addresses, and other personal data is wholly exonerated from our list of collected data. Even then, some of our third-party mechanisms like Cookies, Amazon, and Google Analytics may accumulate more data than that.

Cookie & Tracking Technology

In Car Auto Portal and subdomains, we use Cookie technology to track your usage of the site as well as previous usage related to our content. This helps us keep track of the relevant information that we may later use to craft more useful content.

At the same time, cookies help us develop a more personalized experience for all our users. This may include specific data related to your country, language, and previous browsing history.

It is important to remember that cookies are part of a general internet usage standard. So the cookies and other tracking data may be used by third-party organizations for their own tracking and data collection.

Luckily, if you don’t want us to store any of your information from Cookies, you can always disable them. Follow this 2-step guide:

  1. Get into your browser Configuration or Settings.
  2. Then click on content, and look for the Privacy tab.
  3. Here, you should find a tab or option for Cookies. It may include a list of sites that collect cookies.
  4. Find and disable the use of cookies, or put it on the blacklist.
  5. You may also disable general Cookie usage (this will affect your navigation experience)

Google Analytics

As the largest search engine in the world, Google handles most of your data related to location, IP address, age, software, hardware, and similar data. But we have no control over what Google collects or manages.

We may use Google Analytics services to better understand how our users interact with our website. Google Analytics has its own Privacy Policy.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

The biggest cloud-computing service in the world is Amazon Web Services (AWS). Because of that, you may stumble upon websites or even other information within that uses AWS as a hosting company.

Amazon Web Services handles content regarding demographics, location, spending habits, and other related information to products/websites. Everything Amazon Web Services collects is out of our authority and power.

Against Children Data Collection

While privacy is crucial for us, nothing is more critical than safeguarding personal data from those who are more vulnerable. This includes children below the age of 13, which we don’t collect any data or use it for any purpose from. In case it is necessary, we may always delete data related to children.

Can Anyone See Your Data?

The data we collect and other third-party websites or services collect is generally safeguarded and entirely out of the reach of malicious intent.

You can rest assured that everything from the cookies to the data you input on other websites and subdomains of is stored to be safe from the moment it is entered to the moment it is deleted.

Data Use Exceptions

Even though the data we collect and third-party websites/services may handle is out of reach of malicious hands, we may still have to share your information with governments and international agencies if necessary.

We will only do this in either of 3 cases, including:

  1. When security organizations, including police, intelligence, and law institutions force us to.
  2. In case we need to prevent fraud or malicious transactions with the use of your data by providing it to relevant organizations.
  3. If you were a victim of fraud that relates to the use of our website, we might need to access the data of how you used it.

We don’t use any of this data for promotional or monetary purposes apart from the ones already disclosed.

We Are Committed to Safeguard your Data

In Car Auto Portal, we are thoroughly committed to safeguarding all your information as safe as it can be. We want to be sure that your personal data is never disclosed to anyone you don’t want to (as long as we can’t prevent it).

At the same time, we make sure everything is stored safely in highly-secured hosting servers with algorithmic encryption that no one can access.

When using our website, your data will be more than safe. And that should be enough to make you trust us.

Contact Us to Learn More

In case you want to learn more about how we use your data, opt-out from any data collection we may be part of or tell us your concerns, comments, or advice, then feel free to send a message through our contact us page.

When you contact us, we will need to have direct access to personal information like your email, name, and IP address (which may tell us your location and postal address). But this will be for the whole purpose of communicating with you and relieving any of your doubts. So you will be safe in this case as well.