How To Disable Ford Pats System – 2021 Ultimate User Guide

how to disable ford pats system

PATS is a short form of the passive anti-theft system. In other words, you can also name it Ford Securilock. As the name suggests, the purpose served by PAT is the safety or security of the vehicle. By security, we mean to say that no one can start or move the vehicle if they do … Read more

How Long Do Subarus Last – 2021 Complete User Guide

how long do subarus last

If you want to purchase a Subaru and want to know about its lifespan and other related things then stay here. We are going to talk about a number of ways that can prove valuable for your knowledge regarding Subaru company and its vehicles. The brand is really reliable and offers you some of the … Read more

7 Best Tuner for 3.5 Ecoboost Ford F150 2021 – Review & Buying Guide

Best Tuner for 3.5 Ecoboost Ford F150

Ford F150, being economical and fuel-efficient, has been a popular choice across the market. Furthermore, you can still introduce some customization to make this engine even more efficient. Here, investing in a handheld tuner is my absolute recommendation. These programmers are designed to connect to your vehicle and adjust some major elements. Thus, this can … Read more

7 Best Group 65 Battery On The Market 2021- Review And Buyer’s Guide

group 65 battery

Group 65 batteries are known for their incredible cranking power, reverse capacity and reliable power output. Advanced Group 65 batteries take advantage of the Absorbent Glass Mat or AGM technology, making them powerful enough to deliver sufficient juice in the harshest conditions. If you have come here searching for the best group 65 batteries on … Read more

Common Ram 1500 Leveling Kit Problems – 2021 Complete User Guide

common ram 1500 Leveling Kit problems

Leveling Kits in the vehicles are generally known for balancing the car. These kits will help you in proper handling and maintaining the truck. They are ideal in providing control to the vehicle and enhancing the quality of the ride. Being a mechanical tool, there are chances that these leveling kits may get disturbed and … Read more

Common Dodge Ram Acceleration Problems – 2021 Guide

Common Dodge Ram Acceleration Problems

The owner of Dodge RAM would know how frustrating it is when your vehicle loses power or hesitates to accelerate appropriately in the middle of the highway. The engine is an integral part of every vehicle and needs extra attention compared to the other parts of the vehicle. If your Dodge RAM has an acceleration … Read more