Lotus Europa S – Review and Specs

The Lotus Europa S is a much-sophisticated version of the Elise with all the goodness of Elise and extra features. Like any other Lotus car, it weighs less than 1000 kilograms.

Configuration, turbocharged which makes the Europa S a high-performance car. The power train is derived from the 4 cylinder Vauxhall Configuration. Europa S is capable of low-end torque which measures 194lb/ft even with as little as 2000 rpm.

Europa and Elise almost have the same chassis, and the wheels are the same. But Europa looks a lot bigger with a higher roof and it is 4 inches longer than the Elise which gives it a road presence.

The Europa S takes a place in the self with the rest of the accomplished cars in its category.

Lotus Europa S
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The Lotus element of style comes out clearly in the Europa S with a side scoop, fuel filler cap, and the outer looks on the whole. However, the Europa S is not a product that has been completely based on the Elise and should not be misunderstood that way.

Among all the cars that the Lotus Europa S competes with it will probably rank the highest in fuel efficiency and give you that extra mileage advantage per gallon.

Lotus Europa S
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Lotus Europa S Car Specifications

Fuel Delivery Injection
BHP 200
Torque (lbs feet) 1970
RPM to which the Torque refers 5400
Maximum Speed 143
Acceleration (0-60) 5.5
Insurance Group 20
Fuel Economy: Urban 22.2
Fuel Economy: Extra Urban 38.9
Fuel Economy: Combined 30.4
Emissions Data (co2 gm/km) 220
No of doors 2
Body Style Coupe/Targa/Crewcab
Transmission Manual
Fuel type Petrol
Front Brakes VENT DISC
Rear Brakes VENT DISC
Tire type 195/50R16
Production Start Date 01/09/07
Production End Date 30/06/08
Length (mm) 3900
Width (mm) 1850
Height (mm) 1120
Unladen weight 995
Boot Capacity (liters) 113

Video of Lotus Europa S