Alfa Romeo 159 – Car Specifications

A 2008 Alfa Romeo159

Alfa Romeo began making the compact executive car known as the Alfa Romeo 159 in the year 2005. It was initially introduced in the form of production at the Geneva Motor Show that year as a replacement for the highly successful Alfa Romeo 156 model. The 159 model utilizes the GM Fiat Premium Platform, which … Read more

Alfa Romeo 156

Alfa Romeo 156

Known internally as the type 932, the Alfa Romeo 156 is an elite compact executive car made by Italian Alfa Romeo. It received its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in the year 1999. It is intended to be a replacement for the 155 models. Alfa Romeo 156 models were made at the Fiat Group … Read more

Alfa Romeo 155

Italian stalwarts Alfa Romeo first produced the compact executive automobile Alfa Romeo 155 in the year 1992. They continued manufacturing the car until the year 1998. The Alfa Romeo 155 was meant as a replacement for the Alfa Romeo 75. It was based on the Tipo platform of the Fiat group. While the 155 is … Read more

Alfa Romeo 147

Video of Alfa Romeo 147 3

It was in the year 2000 that the Italian car maker Alfa Romeo introduced the Alfa Romeo 147 at the Turin Motor Show. It is based on the running gear of a larger car, the Alfa Romeo 156, and serves as a replacement for the holder 145 and 146 hatchbacks. This delightful small family car was … Read more

The Role of Linear Actuators in Automotive Assembly Line Automation

lear actuators

The vehicle-making industry has changed a lot in recent years. Nowadays, car producers put out more high-end products with modern tech. An aspect that helps is using machines and robots to help speed up tasks.  But the machines and robots rely on specific components to work. One component playing a central role is the linear … Read more

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Alfa Romeo 145

Alfa Romeo 145

Between the years 1994 and 2001, the Italian carmaker Alfa Romeo put out a small family car known as the Alfa Romeo 145. Like the 146, the Alfa Romeo had a design plan that was based on B pillar forwards. But whereas the 145 was a three-door hatchback, the 146 is a five-door construction. Both … Read more