Jeep Hardtop Hoist DIY: Jeep Hacks for Home 2024 Guide

Jeep hardtop hoist DIYs not only save your money, but you can easily store the hardtop of any Jeep in your garage.

Do you want a complete guideline about Jeep hoist DIY? Not all hardtop DIYs are powered with the help of complicated parts and motors.

Buying a Jeep hardtop hoist from random online stores can be an expensive deal, and you might have to spend a lot. Without a lot of mechanical components, you can create your own system with easily available parts and components.

Whether you want to buy a Jeep hardtop hoist system or want to create your own pulley, make sure you can remove the hardtop with minimum effort.

There are several hardtop hoist systems available that are equipped with advanced protective gear and other functionalities.

When you follow Jeep hoist DIY, including advanced functions like anti-drop system may not be possible, but the system will get the job done.

Let’s see how to create a Jeep  DIY project for your wrangler or any other Jeep.

Jeep Hardtop Hoist DIY

Jeep Hardtop Hoist

Building a Jeep hardtop hoist system in your own garage is possible if you have all the components and parts available.

In this guide, we will not only walk you through the whole process of Jeep DIY, but we will also make sure that you know which hardtop hoist system suits your needs and requirements.

In the end, you will have all the knowledge required to build your own functional hardtop hoist system that can be used for your personal jeep.

A right hardtop hoist system can ease the process of lifting the Jeep hardtop. Instead of wasting hours every day, you can easily lift the hardtop within few minutes.

How to Build Jeep Hardtop Hoist System?

Without any kind of tool or system, a single person cannot remove the hardtop easily. It will take a lot of effort and time to remove the hardtop by hand.

Hardtops are generally heavy and bulky, so you need mechanical assistive tools to install and remove the hardtop hoist.

Apart from removing and installing a hardtop hoist, these systems can be used to store the hardtop. This guide will help you to create a hardtop hoist DIY that can be used to remove, install, and store the hardtop hoist.

What do You Need for Jeep Hardtop Hoist DIY

Jeep Hardtop Hoist 1

Hardtop hoist system can be pretty expensive if you buy from any shop or online store. Building one on your own is an affordable option. So, here are some important things and tools that you need for hardtop hoist DIY:

  • Six pieces of screw eyes to fix the studs
  • Straps that will hold the Jeep hardtop
  • Some pieces of wood
  • Stud finder to detect the right spot in the ceiling for the hoist
  • Measuring tape for accurate measurements
  • Drilling tool for holes in ceiling and walls
  • Protective gears
  • Screwdrivers and other tools

Find the Studs

Finding the studs without any assistive tool may be hard, so that’s why you need a stud finder. Here are some simple steps to find the studs:

  • Attach the stud finder to the wall and make sure that you only press the button once the stud finder is held against the wall; otherwise, it will display some kind of error
  • The way to stud detection may be different so make sure to read the manual first
  • Move the stud finder left and right and wait until the red light come on
  • Mark the center of the stud where the light turned on

The detection of the stud finder will allow you to find the right point for the drilling purpose. You can also watch different video tutorials to learn more about the use of stud finder.

Note Measurements

Jeep Hardtop Hoist Note Measurements

Taking measurements is a critical process where you need to pay special attention. Wrong measurements may result in different complications.

Here are some steps to follow about measuring the distance between screw eyes:

  • The height of different Jeeps may be different so make sure you know the height of your Jeep
  • The screw eyes must be more distant than the width of the hardtop; otherwise, the hardtop cannot be stored or hung

Once you have the right measurements, make sure to reconsider the readings because your whole DIY is based on these readings. Wrong measurements mean the whole process will be affected accordingly.

Screw Eyes Installation

After the measurement of both studs and the Jeep hardtop, the next process is to install the screws. If you don’t have experience with these kinds of things, it may take some extra time, so be patient and get it done carefully.

Before starting the process, make sure all tools are easily accessible. Also, make sure to wear your safety glasses. Working without proper safety gear may put your life in danger.

  • Drill the hole exactly at the point where you have already found the stud with the help of a stud finder
  • In the beginning, twist the screw eyes with the help of a hand, and once the screw is halfway through, you can use the screwdriver for further process

Tools like a screwdriver can ease the process because doing it with the hand may be hard, and you will not get the desire results.

Measure the Hardtop

Jeep Hardtop Hoist Measure the Hardtop

In the previous steps, we have done most of the work and practical stuff. The next step is to measure the length, width, and height of the hardtop.

The measurements of the hardtop will determine the distance between both screws. If you mess up at this phase, the whole DIY project will be compromised.

In case of the wrong installation of the screw eyes, you will have to remove the screw eyes and reinstall them.

Front Screw Eyes Installation

This process is the same as the previous one. At the distance of the measured length from the screw, install the front eye screw.

Make holes on all points where you need to fix the front screw eyes and do the same process for all points. The same process of twisting is required to install and fix the screws.

Cut the Wood Pieces

Jeep Hardtop Hoist Cut the Wood Pieces

You will have to use the chainsaw for this step, and if you don’t have one, you can rent these tools as it can be a more affordable option. The cutting process needs to be precise, and here are some simple steps to cut down the wood pieces:

  • Make the marks on the 4×2 pieces of the wood
  • Cut down the wood piece from the marked points
  • Make sure that wooden pieces are firmly gripped for the precise cut

While cutting the wood pieces, make sure that you are careful; otherwise, you may injure yourself with the cutter. Dealing with a chainsaw requires extreme care as the damage can be severe.

Always wear all protective gear before dealing with such sensitive things.

Installation of Screw Eyes in the Wood Pieces

This is the last installation process that involves screw eyes. Install the screws one inch away from the marks on both sides so that the hardtop top easily fits and can be restored.

Make holes with the drill and fix the screw eyes in the holes. After this process, we are almost done with the process and just need to finalize the final steps.

Fix the Straps

Apart from all other tools and components, straps are the real components that are going to hold and lift the Jeep hardtop.

There are specific straps available in the markets that are meant to hold and lift the heavyweights so that the Jeep hardtop is secure and safe with the strong straps.

Fix the strap hooks in the screw eyes that you have previously installed. The other end of the straps can be used to hold the hardtop and your Jeep hardtop is ready.

This one-time investment can save your hours on a daily basis.

By adding different other options, you can increase the efficiency of the Jeep DIY project.

Jeep Hardtop Hoist DIY Installation

Jeep Hardtop Hoist 2

Here is another DIY project that does not need a lot of time and investment. Now, we are going to keep things simple and straightforward.

Things needed for hardtop hoist

We are going to install the hoist that is already available in the market with simple tools. The project is going to use the ready-made hoist that is meant for simple functionality.

In the first project, we created the Jeep hardtop hoist from the very beginning. Here are a few things needed for the installation of hardtop hoist DIY installation:

  • Electric Jeep hardtop hoist
  • Bolts, washers, pieces of square tube
  • Steel sheet
  • Eyebolts and nuts
  • Rafter hanger
  • Straps

Steps of Installing Hardtop Hoist DIY

Jeep Hardtop Hoist guide

First of all, you need to determine the position where you want to hoist the hardtop. You can choose the garage door or the center of the garage where you want to store the hardtop after the removal process.

For the hoist’s additional safety, a ‘T’ shaped structure is fixed in the ceiling with the help of the bolts and nuts that can hold the heavy and bulky hardtop without the fear of dropping or breaking.

Fix the hoist in the ceiling by making holes in the ceiling.

By fixing the electric hoist for the Jeep hardtop, you will be able to lift the hardtop and still save a handsome amount of money that is needed for the professional installation of the Jeep hardtop hoist system by any other brand.

Finishing up the Process

After the installation, you need to ensure that everything is balanced for the efficient lifting of the Jeep hardtop. The electric hardtop hoist can make the process easy, and you don’t need to put a lot of effort into lifting and storing the hardtop.

However, the Jeep hardtop hoist DIY projects are a lot more inexpensive as compared to normal hoist systems. You can also buy different hoist systems from online stores and hardware shops.

But the deal can be pretty expensive, and that’s why these DIY projects not only save your investments but also ease the process of continuous lifting and storing the hardtop.

Do You Need a Jeep Hardtop Hoist System?

Almost every wrangler or Jeep owner has to remove and store the Jeep hardtop depending upon the needs. For some tours, you have to remove the hardtop for additional storage space, so installing and removing the hardtop requires additional support.

Therefore, the unavailability of additional support can make the process hard for you so these systems can ease the process of installing and removing the hardtop.

There are some mechanical Jeep hardtop hoist systems that use the pulley’s simple rules and other systems use electric hoist systems.

Electric hoist systems also offer additional protection against sudden falls as the system will stop the holding strap or wire movement in case of sudden falls.

Although these Jeep hardtop DIYs may not offer that kind of functionality, you can easily save a handsome amount of money.

By adding more options and features, you can increase your own project’s efficiency, and the overall cost of your project will still be less than the price of any ready-made hoist system.


The end results and the final structure may be a little different from our described process, but the system should work perfectly if you have followed all the steps correctly.

These Jeep hardtop hoist DIY projects are meant to be used for all Jeeps of normal size like wrangler or any other brand. The measurements may vary depending upon the size of your garage and the hardtop of your jeep.

In the process, adjust all other measurements as per the size of the hardtop. You can install the Jeep hardtop hoist system anywhere, either at the start of the garage or in the center.

Make sure to use all types of safety gear for personal safety and use all tools with extreme care.