How to Check Engine Codes without a Code Reader Chevy: Chevrolet Hack

Chevy owners don’t need to call a mechanic or technician if they know how to check engine codes without a code reader Chevy?

Although Chevy experts can help you with better resolution of the problem yet; you can understand the basic error codes without any expensive code reader.

Buying an OBD2 scanner is an expensive deal. Instead of investing in the code reader, the owner should focus on learning steps about engine codes.

Once the owners are familiar with the error codes. However, they can get services from the mechanics at more affordable rates.

Imagine having troubles with Chevy on an isolated road. Knowing that check engine codes without a code reader Chevy you can save your day.

Here is everything the Chevy owners need to know about how to read the codes and how to solve the check engine light issue without additional help.

The dashboard will indicate check engine light if there is something wrong with the engine or any specific components are malfunctioning.

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How to Check Engine Codes Without a Code Reader Chevy?

Check Engine Codes

The OBD2 scanner is not the only way to read the engine codes, as the built-in system in Chevy is smart enough to instruct the owner about the necessary actions.

Moreover, the thing is that you won’t directly get the information about the codes directly on your dashboard. Literally, the driver needs to familiarize himself with the computer system in Chevy.

Instead of buying an expensive code reader for this purpose, let’s consider the steps that you need to follow in order to understand the error codes.

There are different methods to read the codes, but we are going to explore the two methods that don’t require any kind of additional tool or device.

Method 1: Using Key Ignition

This method is effective for most of the Chevy models. The original key of the Chevy can be used to understand the issue or why the check engine light is on.

The most important thing in the method is to follow all the instructions and steps correctly.

If the user does not follow the exact steps, the method may not offer the desired results. So, read these steps carefully and pay attention to the details while going through the procedure.

This is the simplest method for Chevy users. Successful detection of the Chevy engine code is the key to precise solutions. If the Code is not detected properly, the issue cannot be resolved.

Follow all of the given steps carefully to detect the issue with the Chevy engine.

Step 01

First thing first, you need to pay attention to the key position while switching the ignition key. The user needs to switch on and off the car ignition key without starting or cranking the engine. Insert the key and move it to the on position.

Once the system is on, turn the ignition key off and repeat the same process three to five times. Some models of Chevy require the user to repeat the process five times, while some models require three repetitions.

Once you have completed all the repetitions, make sure to leave the ignition key is not turned off.

Step 02

One thing that must be noticed is that the user needs to pay close attention to the little details of the whole process. Chevy will not display the engine error code in the form of the normal message.

There is a check engine light that will indicate the real issue with the Chevy.

During the whole process, the check engine or service light will keep blinking. Check engine or service light in the dashboard will indicate the real issue with the Chevy.

Keep an eye on the blinking patterns of the check engine light or service light.

Step 03

Understanding the codes provided by the check engine light is slightly complicated. Probably no one remembers the engine codes, so your job is just to note down the pulses and then you will be able to understand the codes.

Every pulse denotes a specific digit. Once the service light is turned on, it will start turning on and off. Two continuous pulses indicate the digit ‘2,’ and after the pause, there will be three consecutive pulses.

It means that the Chevy engine code is 23.

Step 04

Instead of trying to remember the pulses and the patterns of the service light, you should consider writing down these patterns. Once you are done with the process, you can decode these patterns and the decoded version will give a clear engine code.

Step 05

The final step of the process is to understand these codes. These digits can be compared against the list in the user’s manual. Chevy comes with an official user’s manual and you can look up different codes in the book. Imagine you got code-34 after following the process.

The next step is to read the book to see what code-34 indicates in the book. If that specific Code indicates an issue with the sensor, you can have the sensor replaced or repaired by the mechanic.

Although this method does not replace the job done by a professional mechanic yet, you can save time and money spent on the diagnosis. Most of the workshops charge extra for error detection so owners can cut the error diagnostic costs with this method.

There are some limitations to this method. If the Chevy engine is started due to any reason during the process, the user must start the whole process from zero.

Chevy engine should not crank during these steps.

If there is any issue with this method of how to check engine codes without a code reader Chevy does not work for your vehicle, we have another method for such situations.

For some models, the numbers of repetitions vary so don’t worry as you can try a different method for different variants of Chevy.

Here is another method for understanding the engine code without a scan reader.

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Method 2: Using Odometer

Odometer Chevrolet

If the method of ignition key did not work for your vehicle, you could try reading the Code with the odometer. The user does not need an OBD2 scanner even for this method.

Here are some simplified steps on how to check engine errors codes without any additional tool:

  1. While turning the ignition key, deject the reset and trip buttons on the odometer of Chevy
  2. Release both buttons and wait if the Chevy odometer displays any kind of engine codes
  3. Keep pressing and releasing both buttons on the Chevy odometer while turning the ignition key on and off
  4. After a few repetitions, leave the key on the ‘on’ position and the engine code will visible on the meter

Whether the odometer will display the engine code or the check engine light will start blinking in some specific patterns. These codes then can be used to understand the Code.

Tools Required for Reading the Chevy Engine Codes without Scanner

As the main purpose of this article is to help the owner read the Code without any additional scanner so, no specific tools are required for the process.

A simple ignition key can help you with the easy detection of the error code. After the resolution of the problem, the owner might have to detach the battery terminals.

Once the terminals have been removed, it will reset the computer system of the Chevy and the check engine light will go away. If the terminals for Chevy are not removed after solving the issue, the check engine light will still show the error.

All you need for the whole process is the key to the car or the necessary tools to remove the battery terminals. Most of the time, the user does not need any type of additional tool or instrument to get the job done.

Reading the Code may not require professional assistance, but solving the problem will require you to consult with the professional mechanic.

Solely relying on your expertise may not be the best idea if there is any critical issue with Chevy.

Check Engine Light ‘On’ but no Code Found

 Engine Light ‘On’

There are some cases where users fail to find the engine code though the check engine light is on. From the older scanner to the issue with the computer of Chevy, there are many reasons that may turn on the check engine light without any real problem.

The owner needs to deal with this situation immediately because if this issue is not dealt with immediately, you will not be notified when there is actually something wrong with the vehicle.

Is everything okay with Chevy?

Even if no code is found for Chevy, check engine light is still a warning sign about the mechanical or electrical issue of the vehicle. Sometimes, little issues initiate the check engine light.

If the user does not have the compatible scanner, the code reader will show no code even though the check engine light is on.

The best way to avoid this complication is to use the OEM code reading methods for Chevy or the latest engine code scanner that is compatible with the variant and model of the vehicle. Having no code on the scanner does not mean everything is fine with Chevy.

No code situation is even more dangerous situation because error detection is harder without the Code. Instead of ignoring the issue, let’s see what caused this scenario and how to resolve the issue.

Outdated Software of OBD Scanner

This issue occurs mostly when the user tries to scan the Chevy with the outdated code reader. OBD2 scanners are available in different price ranges.

Cheap code readers feature outdated software programs, so, in this situation, only a quality device can be used to deal with the issue.

It is a fact that checks engine light always indicates some malfunction or issue with the mechanical or electric components of the car, so you cannot simply ignore the check engine light at any cost.

Even if the owner removes the check engine once with the scanner, it will again appear on the dashboard unless you have completely resolved the issue.

What to do in the no-code Situation?

Instead of worrying about the check engine light, start focusing on the possible solution for this problem. Did you go to the workshop for recent maintenance? Your last mechanic will be able to detect the issue and suggest a possible solution to this problem.

If the current user bought Chevy from the first owner, he might be able to help you with the issue that is causing this no-code situation for Chevy.

Sometimes, the previous owners then tamper with the check engine light instead of resolving the real issue.

The last step is to reset the computer of Chevy. Once the ECM system is reset, the check engine light will be gone even if the user failed to detect the real issue or engine code. If the issue was due to the outdated OBD2 scanner, you need to read the Code with the OEM system of Chevy.

We have already discussed everything about reading the codes without the code reader. There are some limitations in these methods, but the user will get more accurate results for any specific model of Chevy.

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Buying a premium code scanner is a great idea if you have cash for this type of purchase. These methods work for almost every model of Chevy, but the process can be overwhelming for some users.

Chevy engine codes can be read with some other methods, too, but we have only discussed the methods that offer the best results. Different methods require the users for how to check engine codes without a code reader Chevy to follow certain steps.

Instead of trying complicated steps and procedures, stick to these two methods. The first method talks about reading the engine codes of Chevy with the ignition key, and the second one talks about reading the Code from the odometer.

If the first method does not work for Chevy, try using the second method. After the detection of the Code, seek professional help and never solely rely on DIYs for critical issues.