Top 10 Best Cam For 4.8 Vortec 2024 Review: Most Suitable Chevrolet Cams

Want to enhance the execution of your engine? Select the best cam for 4.8 vortec for your vehicle that will help boost its horsepower.

Apart from this, aid your truck to be more efficient and improve speed by giving a smooth drive and other noticeable improvements.

Best Choice
BTR Brian Tooley Racing LS Stage 3 Truck Camshaft, LS Beehive Spring Kit, LS 7.400" BTR Chromoly...
Good Choice
COMP Cams 54-424-11 XFI RPM HI-LIFT 212/218 Hydraulic Roller Cam for GM LS GEN III/IV
Don't Miss
Texas Speed TSP Stage 3 Low Lift Truck Camshaft Vortec Truck Cam 3 Bolt Cam 4.8 5.3 6.0 Includes...
Also Consider
BTR Brian Tooley Racing LS Stage 2 Turbo Camshaft, LS Dual Valve Spring Kit (.660" Lift) with...
BTR Brian Tooley Racing LS Stage 3 Truck Camshaft, LS Beehive Spring Kit, LS 7.400" BTR Chromoly...
COMP Cams 54-424-11 XFI RPM HI-LIFT 212/218 Hydraulic Roller Cam for GM LS GEN III/IV
Texas Speed TSP Stage 3 Low Lift Truck Camshaft Vortec Truck Cam 3 Bolt Cam 4.8 5.3 6.0 Includes...
BTR Brian Tooley Racing LS Stage 2 Turbo Camshaft, LS Dual Valve Spring Kit (.660" Lift) with...
Best Choice
BTR Brian Tooley Racing LS Stage 3 Truck Camshaft, LS Beehive Spring Kit, LS 7.400" BTR Chromoly...
BTR Brian Tooley Racing LS Stage 3 Truck Camshaft, LS Beehive Spring Kit, LS 7.400" BTR Chromoly...
Good Choice
COMP Cams 54-424-11 XFI RPM HI-LIFT 212/218 Hydraulic Roller Cam for GM LS GEN III/IV
COMP Cams 54-424-11 XFI RPM HI-LIFT 212/218 Hydraulic Roller Cam for GM LS GEN III/IV
Don't Miss
Texas Speed TSP Stage 3 Low Lift Truck Camshaft Vortec Truck Cam 3 Bolt Cam 4.8 5.3 6.0 Includes...
Texas Speed TSP Stage 3 Low Lift Truck Camshaft Vortec Truck Cam 3 Bolt Cam 4.8 5.3 6.0 Includes...
Also Consider
BTR Brian Tooley Racing LS Stage 2 Turbo Camshaft, LS Dual Valve Spring Kit (.660" Lift) with...
BTR Brian Tooley Racing LS Stage 2 Turbo Camshaft, LS Dual Valve Spring Kit (.660" Lift) with...

Installing camshafts is one of the most convenient and simple ways to enhance the power of your vehicle. Good performing camshafts improve the time of the valve openings in the engine stroke.

And better your horsepower and improving the acceleration rate of your car. An increase in the time duration of the valve opening permits more airflow to go through the inlets.

Furthermore, this helps in increasing the power and resolving the lack of performance issue for your car. They help to utilize your engine to its full potential and yield maximum speed, power, and performance from it.

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Best Cam for 4.8 Silverado

The Best Cam For 4.8 Vortec Review 2024

Below is a list of cam for 4.8 vortec that have been preferable by plenty of mechanical experts over the years. The traits and advantages of each of them make your selection process better.

Also, to avoid confusion, there is a list of portions to view before purchase. With no more delay, let’s start with the camshaft listing.

01. Michigan Motorsports BTR Truck Stage 3 Cam Beehive Springs

Michigan Motorsports BTR Truck Stage 3 Cam Beehive Springs


To get better performance, you need to choose the right cam for your heavy vehicle to give you desirable power and shifts. Brian Tooley produces camshafts that fulfill the needs of your SUVs and trucks and help them perform well.

Also, it is a fine choice for heavy vehicles and is one of the most affordable cams available in the market.


Stage 3 cam is the best choice for a truck fanatic and delivers an exceptional grind. The loss of low-end energy for high performance and more in the RPM yet gaining an idle BTR.

Also, it is a tow-friendly camshaft, along with being an ideal choice for your everyday haul. However, you must use a 2800-3000 converter with this camshaft for smooth functioning.

Efficiency and Convenience

Comparing to other camshafts, this one is cost-efficient and affordable for your heavy vehicle. It is an ideal choice for your 4.8 Silverado, Yukon, Suburban, Tahoe. Furthermore, it has a unique sound that enthusiasts seek with power in their vehicle.

Installation and Kit

Brian Tooley Racing camshaft comes with the stage 3 cam, VS LS hat seals, beehive springs, and Chromoly pushrods. Simple to use and install.

Moreover, it is easy to fit this camshaft in your automobile and might not require expert help if you are a professional. Yet, it may consume at least three hours to install the cam into your machine.


  • High-end power boost
  • It has a unique sound
  • Pocket-friendly camshaft for SUVs and trucks
  • Simple installation


  • Fuel consumption might increase

02. COMP Cams 54-424 Xtreme Energy Hydraulic Roller Cam

COMP Cams 54-424 Xtreme Energy Hydraulic Roller Cam


A complete package cam is the one that gives good power, smooth drivability, and excellent performance for your vehicle. Seeking the correct horsepower can wrap you into variations and choices.

However, look for a camshaft that delivers the best in every sector, just like this one. It has a high RPM performing range that could simply meet your post-installation expectations.


A wide power range and exceptional response are what this street cam offers to the engine. It has an 1800 to 6400 operation RPM array.

Furthermore, it gives an excellent valve lift to boost acceleration and overall performance by permitting sufficient airflow. It delivers low engine grunt and enhances RPM potential.

Design and Specifications

LS cylinder design provides impressive power with Xtreme Energy Technology. Along with this, it has good torque and has standard stability.

It runs fine without a tune but installing one will give you an excellent performance. Also, it has a good sound for the fans to look for, along with power in their vehicles.


It is big enough to easily fits 4.8L and is the best upgrade option for your automobile to speed up and perform better. Boosting power with minimal effort is one of its primary features when it comes to delivering performance.

Also, it gives minimal fraction and pulls off impressively.


  • Good torque
  • Excellent power range
  • Does not consume extra fuel
  • Impressive acceleration with great sound


  • Do not release warm air

03. Michigan Motorsports TSP 228R 228 Powerful Streetable LS Cam

Michigan Motorsports TSP 228R 228 Powerful Streetable LS Cam


Want a camshaft to boost your horsepower by 5-7 RPM. Then this cam is your ideal match and will adhere to your needs the best. The cam boosts engine power giving better speed.

It also works well in both automatic and manual automobile versions. Testing has shown it makes an impressive 45-50 rwhp gain for your truck.


Texas speed kit comprises PAC racing springs, spring seats, timing cover, crank bolt & gaskets, and titanium retainers. We suggest installing the camshaft in cars with larger converters to operate smoothly, particularly in automatic versions.


Give your motor the power boost that you are looking for with the 112LSA. Also, it tends to bring the camshaft powerband lower, thereby creating a slightly rough idle.

The kit gives the vehicle a complete package needs for its performance and power boost that you are wanting. Also, it is a 228R cam that provides more horsepower.

Simple to Use

For individuals that have less knowledge, this cam is the best choice. Also, it is simple to use and installs without difficulty.

Additionally, the kit comes with all the essentials that you require while fixing the cam in your engine to give maximum convenience.


  • Great quality
  • Easy installation in less time
  • Delivers decent speed
  • The kit comes with all essentials


  • May not comprise all bolts

04. Michigan Motorsports BTR Vortec Truck Stage 4 Cam

Michigan Motorsports BTR Vortec Truck Stage 4 Cam


Providing more power and performance is a unique quality that this cam delivers. The stage 4 cam is usable in even larger engines than the 4.8 gives a guarantee of speed boost with no difficulty.

While looking for more speed and sound, ensure you invade this camshaft to give your motor or truck the necessary boost it needs.


Brian Tooley racing kit comes with beehive springs, stage 4 truck cam, LS hat seals, and valve seals. This camshaft needs a 3-bolt gear and 3000 converters to function with ease.

Ideal high-end power performance that racer car or truck fanatics need. Also, for the engine to give its best performance, ensure you install the desirable results.


Better pick up and pull off with high-end power boosts to give your truck the acceleration you want to support your engine. Stage 4 gives additional horsepower and more RPM for your heavy vehicles.

Unique designs specially built for your SUVs deliver up-gradation in overall performance and speeding.

Usability and Convenience

It is easy to install the camshaft in your engine if you have little knowledge about the device. Furthermore, it has a great sound that you will love if you have an enthusiasm for racing and speed.

The quality of the product is worth the price and shows excellent performance with an unmatchable power boost.


  • Upgrades the car speed
  • Excellent start and power
  • Cost-efficient
  • Come with a great sound


  • Lowers torque

05. Michigan Motorsports Texas Speed TSP Best Cam For 4.8 Vortec

Michigan Motorsports Texas Speed TSP


With high-quality performance and stage 3 deliverance, this camshaft gives a maximum power boost to your truck for overall performance.

It provides valuable results for what you pay and does not disappoint users in any way. Texas Speed low lift cam has the best operating RPM range that goes up to 53.4 HP in a SuperFlow 902 engine.

Also, it fits easily in a 4.8L and higher version engines.


This cam comes in a kit comprising hat seals, beehive springs, front seal, timing covers, crank bolts, and gaskets for water pumps. Also, the cam has a 3-bolt gear pattern and delivers excellent quality performance.

Uniquely built to fit the needs of a 4.8, 5.3, and 6.0 engine to function even better.


RPM band of this camshaft ranges from 1600-6000 with excellent pick-up and acceleration for your automobile. Also, it gives a slight lope at idle while power boosting your engine.

Furthermore, this camshaft is convenient for daily drives and is preferable for individuals who want their regular drive with no issue.


Camshafts can be heavy on the pockets, but this one is certainly not. It functions on TSP lobe profile, factory pushrods, and GM LS6 beehive springs that make them a very affordable choice.

Price worth and excellent driving quality are what the product guarantees to remit to its customers.


  • Suitable for daily drives
  • Fits well
  • Delivers exceptional driving
  • Gives optimum performance


  • Might reduce average

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06. Michigan Motorsports BTR Vortec Truck Stage 2 Cam with Spring KitMichigan Motorsports BTR Vortec Truck Stage


Serving your car needs is essential, and one must also fulfill these requirements according to their wants and desires. If you are a speed fanatic, you must invest in a cam that gives you the best performance and power.

However, everything has a starting point, and for beginners, this is the ideal stage 2 cam that provides an adequate Rpm boost to start your upgradation.


Stage 2 camshaft has a noticeable idle in comparison to that of Stage 1 cam. Also, the functioning is not very high speed but decent enough to begin your journey. Using this cam gives you average torque and is affordable for purchase.

However, you might not get a professional level boost with this, so if you are looking for more speed, it might not be your ideal pick.


The kit comes with beehive springs, stage 2 truck cam, LS hat seals, and valve seals for giving you the ideal performance. Also, it is easy to fit and does not require a lot of expertise to understand the technique.

One of the largest cams available in the market is the stage 2 camshaft, and we recommend using a stock 4L60e converter along with the cam in 4.8L and 5.3L vehicles.


Being the largest camshaft, it is suitable for models above 4.8 and can easily fit into them without causing any issues. Also, they use a 3-bolt gear cam with a low lift to perform and make the drive convenient and affordable.


  • Fits with ease
  • Average torque
  • Decent pick-up and power
  • Affordable price


  • Decrease mileage

07. Michigan Motorsports BTR Turbo LS Stage 2 Cam

Michigan Motorsports BTR Turbo


Have a small car and require only slightly more power boost than the stage 1 cam, then this is your perfect car match. This camshaft is best suitable for small vehicles and needs a little more power to perform its best.

Maximize the limits of your car with this cam and use your engine at its full potential.

Benefits of the Kit

Use of the stock rocker arms, this camshaft is a 660 dual shift kit uniquely built for LS engines to perform smoothly. Also, it comes with fine springs, similar lightweight titanium retainers, locks, and seals.

It is preferable choosing this kit if you are looking to upgrade your camshaft.


A camshaft with a 3-bolt gear pattern and Chromoly pushrods to give you the best performance. Use this cam for a minimal boost in any car as they fit with ease and cause no issues.

It is best to maximize the potential of your automobile and push the limits for better results. It is an ideal choice for anybody wanting to update their stage 1 camshaft.


Brian Tooley products are preferrable and have good quality and performance for its cost. They provide high-quality performance and smooth functioning.

However, these camshafts promise to deliver the best horsepower boosts in the market. Also, the kit comprises the necessary materials to fit the cam successfully in the car.


  • Delivers the minimal power boost
  • Ideal for 4.8L and 5.3L
  • Enhance the engines potential
  • Affordable


  • No great sound

08. Michigan Motorsports High Quality TSP 228 Speed Boosting Cam

Michigan Motorsports High Quality TSP 228 Speed Boosting Cam


Looking for maximum power boost for your truck, then this camshaft is just perfect for your engine. Promising and delivering horsepower boost is the primary objective of the product and its services.

High-quality materials and the best tools in this kit help to give you the speed that you want in your car.


Texas speed kit includes high-quality and durable materials suitable for all and last for a long time. This kit comprises titanium retainers, pushrods, front seals, bolts, and gaskets for the water pump.

Also, it is an ideal complete package kit for individuals desiring to speed up their motor engines.


Cam spring set is available in plenty of lobe separations and boosts up to 5-7 horsepower for your truck. Also, it can make impressive 50-55 rwhp gains if the modifications are in place and support well.

Relying on this camshaft to accelerate your horsepower will not disappoint you as it precisely delivers these particular requirements.


While using this camshaft in automatic cars, make sure you use a 2800 RPM stall converter. It helps it function well and improve overall performance.

Also, tuning is essential in both manual and automatic versions for the cars to work well. Both of these are vital because the camshaft is not tiny and requires stability.


  • Excellent power booster
  • Impressive lope
  • Great pick up
  • Best for racers


  • Needs converters

09. Michigan Motorsports Excellent Performance TSP 220R Large Motor Cam

Michigan Motorsports Excellent Performance TSP 220R Large Motor Cam


Impressive performance and good delivery are what the product promisingly delivers to its customers. While looking for aggressive performance in your 4.8, do not miss noticing this camshaft for your engine.

Also, it gives a smooth idle performance and is the best choice for daily-driven trucks needing a lopey idle.


Large motors with smooth idle make excellent performers for your engine to function well. Also, it has a 1200-6200 RPM powerband that boosts speed and acceleration with a superb pick-up.

Furthermore, it can deliver horsepower gains up to 30-35 rwhp and even work well with stock converters.


It is an ideal set for 4.8, 5.3, 5.7, and 6.0 engines that need high-end power boosts to perform better. It is a camshaft that drives stock, and you can hide it with exhausts. Also, the sound is the best and can be an attractive feature for your motor.


High-end materials make this camshaft, and it is durable for a long. And this kit includes retainers, spring seats, valve stem seals, pushrods, and racing springs.

It is a complete kit with sturdy and quality materials to boost the potential of your engine.


  • Best horsepower and speed booster
  • Smooth idle
  • Great pick-up
  • Ideal for daily drives


  • Increases fuel consumption

10. Michigan Motorsports Premium Quality TSP 224R Optimum Drive-ability Cam

Michigan Motorsports Premium Quality


Texas speed delivers safe and secure camshafts that are ideal for power-boosting your engine and enhancing its potential. Bettering overall performance is the aim

As well as, these camshafts help provide smooth and easy performing machines that make your daily journey easy. Drive-ability is the primary feature of this unique camshaft which has some solid horsepower gains for your motor.


Be careful while investing in camshafts as each of them have different purposes. Texas speed provides camshafts that focus on smooth drives and better power to give you the ease you need while driving.

Also, your truck needs optimal energy boosts to perform to it’s maximum potential and yield good results.


Unlike other cams, the 224R gives the best performance and is very difficult to beat is the primary quality benefit of this camshaft. Also, it delivers a 40 plus horsepower gain to the engine and boosts the acceleration.

It is a small camshaft that delivers huge needs in no time. Unquestionably it is one of the most famous camshafts for LS1 engines.


Texas speed kit includes gasket sets, valve stem seals, crank bolts, front seals, and timing covers. Also, the 112LSA features help in better functioning and lower the rpm creating a rough idle.

It is a complete package comprising of all the needs for fitting the camshaft.


  • Impressive horsepower booster
  • Smooth for daily drives
  • Improves overall performance
  • Small and feasible cam


  • Slight rough idle

Buying Consideration for the Best Cam for 4.8 Silverado

Cam For 4.8 Vortec

An ideal camshaft for your engine is the one that serves all your requirements and fulfills them with ease. While looking for the best cam for 4.8 vortec, you must have a lot of confusion in your mind as to which one will suit your engine the best.

However, it depends on several factors, and to eliminate this hurdle, we have some points in this section that will help you choose your ideal camshaft.

Camshafts do not just boost horsepower. But, also determine the overall performance of your engine and the smooth functioning of the same.

So, it is vital to select the correct cam for your motor to work better and sustain for a long time. Discover the Best Cam for 4.8 Silverado for your truck by considering these factors to get the finest for your car.


First and foremost, you need to note the power-boosting range you are looking for in a camshaft. Knowing this will help you select the kind of camshaft that you want with ease.

Different cams provide various horsepower boosts and varied energy levels. So if you wish for minimal power boosts, you can go for stage 1 or 2 cams that give minute potential.

And if you want the best boosters, there are specific camshafts built to deliver speed. Thereby first conclude your power and speed desires.

As we have seen in this article, the performance of each cam is different from the other. And each one has its benefits. So it is vital to check on all these factors before making a final purchase decision.


Yet another vital decision to make is the cost that you wish to spend on your camshaft. Several camshafts are available depending upon the quality, material, powers boosters, and more factors that lay down its overall price.

However, it is not necessary you have to spend a lot on cams that give impressive speed and acceleration. But, fixing a budget will help you choose your ideal camshaft.

As it will help shorten down the list and eliminate those that do not fit into your pricing.


While looking for the ideal camshaft, consider the type of vehicle you are going to fit inside. If you have a lightweight motor, there are cams precisely built for them.

And if you are looking for trucks and heavy vehicles, you can go for camshafts that are large and will suit them the best. Noting your motor type will help you choose the right product and avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Furthermore, the size of your engine and its capacity also matters while selecting a camshaft. So, it is vital to note down all these factors beforehand.

Lastly, automatic and manual vehicles may not always do well with the same camshaft. They need different types and also support systems to function well. Considering all this will help you to pick your ideal match.


The benefits that come with the cams are vital as well. If you want a kit that comprises od essentials and promises smooth functioning, there are quite a few camshafts that deliver everything.

Also, list the features that determine the potential for your engine. By this, you will have a more solid idea about your feature needs. Always look for features that yield better overall performance for your engine and machine. It will help in better functioning and long life.


Once you select your camshaft, check for its functioning and fitting needs as well. Some of them may not be convenient to be fit personally and require professional assistance.

Also, carefully read the description and manual before installing the product. We also suggest going through online installation modules if you wish to install your kit by yourself.

Furthermore, some camshafts are fuel-consuming and might cost you extra later. Therefore, noting doing functioning will help in listing your final products with your preferences.

Final Verdict

In the above discussion, we conclude that there are several kinds of cams for 4.8 vortec in the market. Also, choosing one among them requires a lot of thinking and analyzing, so you get the perfect camshaft.

For enhancing your engine’s performance, a high-end and reliable product is a must. These camshafts are responsible for the overall performance of your motor and its fuel consumption as well.

Any issue with them will lead to damage to your engine, and thereby the overall functioning so chooses your best cam wisely. The best cam for 4.8 vortec have been mentioned here with reviewing and preferability.

However, selecting the ideal one is up to you. We suggest that purchase camshaft with easy installation and the ones that do not consume excess fuel.

Also, check for smooth idle functioning and good boosters that give you desirable results. With the best cam, you can achieve your horsepower needs, improve engine functioning, boost performance potential and enjoy your daily drives.

However, the list consists of the best products that do not comprise quality. So, that factor is not an issue to examine before initiating a purchase.