How to Replace Door Latch on Chevy Truck: Chevrolet Hacks – 2024 Guide

You’ll find numerous doors latch for your car in the market, and most of them are of excellent quality. Even then, knowing how to replace door latch on Chevy Truck is highly important if you look to get the best quality outcome.

Actually, there exists a variety of car door locking arrangements. Some are manual and others are automatic and they may be centrally or personally locked.

Moreover, they can be run by making use of remote control. With the remote control, the transmitter can be welded into the major car body entrance or in the ignition key.

As it were, car body latches on all cars are usually worked upon by the use of a handle that takes you to lift. Anyways, pulling or tugging onto yourself with some kind of force in the place of pushing.

Now, the latches of Chevy trucks that were manufactured in the 90s.

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As well as, later had electronic locks and contemporary types of interior door boards that arrive with the modern-day electronics. In this descriptive piece, we are going to be considering the modalities surrounding the mode of replacing the door latch on Chevy Truck.

An Automotive Door Latch

Automotive Door Latch Chevy Truck Chevrolet

By description, an automotive door latch is a mechanism that is utilized to protect the door of a vehicle that is closed. Each time the door handle is drawn.

The door latch is electronically or mechanically actuated such that the door can be unlocked.

Ultimately, the mechanism includes the mechanical Latch within the door and the U-structured hold. However, which is held to the door jamb of the Chevy truck. The door latch device is the part that protects the door closed.

Therefore, the moment it develops a fault, this can bring about problems coming into and out of the car.

Door Latch Types

One might not reflect too long to find out the various sorts of door latches that Chevy Trucks have. But it’s interesting to know that which your vehicle is fortified with. Here’s a dropdown:

Automatic Latch Cylinders

Automatic car latches began back in 1980 with Ford Motors. And interestingly, they are greatly common these days, and they can be recognized easily.

Remote Key-less Systems

When it started out, it seemed like the exclusive preserve of more expensive cars. But today, it is way common. Remote key latches operate with a radio frequency as well as a key fob.

As for some of them, it is required that the owner pushes a button to just access and lock and some just open like that when the owner is nearer to the car.

Manual Lock Cylinders

As for this manual latch cylinder, there’s a knob within the car that can be pushed down or drawn. Each time, you see these locks in movies when the villain is trying to escape.

Where you push the knob down, the door becomes locked. This Latch needs a key to operate.

How to Replace Door Latch on Chevy Truck

Replace Door Latch on Chevy Truck

Oftentimes, a bad automotive door latch assemblage will generate a few signs that can signal a likely problem to the driver that needs to be examined.

Replacing the door latch on your Chevy Truck after you must have removed the old or faulty one comes in several stages.

1. Install the Newly-bought Latch

You’ll definitely need to push the Latch back and make it’s in place to facilitate its installation into the truck door. It may be a difficult process because it has to fit into the place created firmly.

If you find it hard, just switch the Latch clockwise a bit. After it firmly fits, go on to install the bolt at the bottommost of the end window runner to make sure that it fixes tight and snug.

2. Reinstall the Interior Door Release Knobs and Pull Wire

Take note of the dual 10mm bolts that hold the inner door handle, which is placed to let the knob suspend against the pull wire. The entire latching device will need to be pulled slightly onto the truck’s bottom.

When carrying this out, you’ll take note it is likely to visualize the rear of the pull wire that’s in a circular access hole within the innermost door structure.

You may then put the pull wire against the rear of the sustaining clip that is fastening the door handle in position with the pull wire.

3. Bolt the Latch in and substitute the locking doorknob.

Now comes the time to install again the three cross tip, Philips, or head screws that are responsible for gripping the Latch in position. After this, go on to place on the windowsill the locking knob.

4. Substitute and Reseal sheeting made of plastic

Chevy Truck 1

You will need to install a sheeting prepared with the plastic back with the bottom half of the entrance. From there, you may embark upon the resealing.

5. Install the Door Sheet back into position

When removing the old or faulty door latch, you must have removed a spring at the rear part of the window crank. Try and return it the moment you’re changing the panel.

Make sure that the complete board is put on the door. After that, utilize the door and consequently use the locking knob to glide over the door. It’s time to be to put all the board clips within the holes found at the door.

After, you may snap it back with a stable fixing in back all the clips.

6. The Window Sill need to be changed

Making use of plastic seals, put the window sill knob in position. After that, you may reinstall the bolts, which clutch the sill knob to the tube.

From there, try and change the plastic shield on the knob. From there, it’s important you switch the window crank so as to make that the window is fit to move up and go down.

7. Reposition the Interior and Exterior Door Knob

Finally, the plastic edge that encloses the knobs should be repositioned. The head screw, Philips, or cross tip need to be placed so as make sure the knobs are positioned in place, after which you may now change the plastic shield that comes over the bolt.

To discharge the knob, you’ll need to draw it forward and put it within the door. The two bolts need to be installed so as to secure the door handle against the door shell.

Excitedly, to test whether what you’ve just done is working properly, you only need to pull the knob of the outside door and ought to be able to open the car’s door right from the latched part.

The door needs to be locked such that it’s not likely to open it from both the outside or inside handles. After you must have done that. You may then move on to unlocking the door and make sure it’ll open from the inside or outside knobs.

This is achievable for both the mechanical and electronic doors. After you must have replaced the door latch and you realize that you couldn’t open from the outside or inside handles. It is advised you run a diagnosis of the door latch assemblage.

Where the door happens to be electronic, you can go on to find out if there’s a likely electronic part breakdown.

8. Required Tools

Required Tools

Getting to know the mode of replacing a door latch on your Chevy Truck demands you are aware and indeed have certain gears. Once you’ve diagnosed the issue with your door latch.

However, you need to make sure you’ve got all the required tools in place. It is also important you position your Chevy Truck before you begin to work on it so as to get the expected result.

Some of the required tools are as follows:

  • Boxed end wrenches
  • Removal Tool
  • Torques bit set
  • Cross Tip, screwdriver, and Philips’ head.
  • Graphite powder
  • New Door Latch
  • Needle Nose Removers
  • Electrical cleaner
  • Standard Socket and Ratchet alongside metric
  • Wheel Chocks

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Positioning Your Chevy Truck

Positioning Your Chevy Truck

Besides, as we mentioned earlier, it is necessary for you to follow a step-by-step process in positioning your Chevy Truck.

Step 1 – Truck Setting

Ensure that your Chevy truck is stationed on a plain concrete object.

Step 2 – Protecting the Chevy Truck

Secondly, ensure that you put wheel chocks all over the tires. You should use the parking or handbrakes to lock the tires and make sure that they do not move as you fix the door latch.


Like you know, a car lock has to do with bringing together the door lock and often, a door latch is factored in. At the time you swap it, it is identical for both mechanical and e-door locks.

Many of the door locks join to the car body due to the latches that are usually sealed to curb unauthorized entry from the outside. Like you can tell, the processes involved in “How to Replace Door Latch on Chevy Truck” are extremely detailed.

However, the interesting thing about it all is that it is a do-it-yourself process. By that, you can attend to and easily address any emergency. Of course, to not even mention at all, you’d be saving some bucks too.

You may not have to engage a professional in that regard as a result. You only need to take to the step-by-step processes and by so doing, you’ll be capable of having a functional latch at the end of it all.