How To Disable Ford Pats System – 2024 Ultimate User Guide

PATS is a short form of the passive anti-theft system. In other words, you can also name it Ford Securilock. As the name suggests, the purpose served by PAT is the safety or security of the vehicle.

By security, we mean to say that no one can start or move the vehicle if they do not know the code for it. Now, this code is set by the owner of the vehicle to protect the vehicle from thieves or robbers. The engine does not work unless you enter the code.

So, in this article, we are going to talk about how to disable ford pats system.

Disabling Ford Pats System

how to disable ford pats system

Sometimes, you lose your vehicle’s keys while the vehicle is locked due to the PATS. In such a scenario, you do not need to panic because we are going to tell you the solution that will help you without any professional’s help.

As everything comes at a cost, the security lock can lead to problems as well along with providing the undeniable benefits. However, we do not think of the drawbacks normally that also need consideration.

So, given below are some of the basic and easy steps that can help you in unlocking the code on your vehicle without any professional:

1. Active and Passive Security Systems

Most of the vehicles by the Ford brand have an innate system of security. Basically, there are two kinds of security systems in these vehicles. One of them is known as the active security system while the other is called the passive security system.

The thing about the passive security system is that it is linked to the ignition key system. Now, to add to your knowledge, ignition keys are those that deal with the vehicle’s engine as well as other systems.

However, only the owner has access to these keys. Others cannot use them. One can only start the car if he has those keys.

2. Factory Alarm System

Factory alarm is another security system that is known as the active security system. However, unlike the ignition keys, this system is easily disabled without much effort. These security alarms are further categorized into various types.

One such type includes the aftermarket alarms that are considered as one of the best and most effective alarms. Now, you can unlock this alarm in two ways.

First, the key fob you have needs unlocking. If not that, then you can unlock the driver’s door with the help of the PATS keys that we had discussed earlier.

3. Disabling or Unlocking the Alarm


Now, the next step is to remove the alarm. For that, you need to turn on the vehicle with the help of ignition keys. However, make sure that the engine is turned off. By that, we mean that only the batteries should be turned on.

Now, you can turn off the alarm. You will know that the alarm is now disabled when the LED lights do not blink anymore. You also have the option of resetting the alarm with the help of the override button.

In that case, you will know that you have reset the alarm when you see that light again start to blink.

4. Securilock Systems in Ford

Some of the Ford vehicles are composed of security lock systems that play a similar role in unlocking the alarm. This system is so effective that as soon as you enter the keys to the vehicle, the alarm is automatically turned off.

Now that you have unlocked the door, it is time to deal with the fuse. The fuse box at the driver’s side is basically the place where you can find the option of fusing the alarm.

After doing all of this, use the Securilock and turn on the vehicle. Securilock keys have so much significance that without these keys one cannot start the vehicle.



How do I permanently disable my car alarm?

Yes, you can definitely turn off the car’s alarm permanently. It is very simple to do. You can do it through two methods. First, you can simply remove the battery from the vehicle. This is a very direct and easy technique.

The other way to go about it is by removing the fuse. So, these are the major two ways of removing the alarm permanently.

Why does my Ford car alarm keep going off?

One of the major reasons behind this issue is the battery of the vehicle. If the battery is not charged properly or has some other issue then the alarm will also turn off.

Alarms are very much associated with the battery so they lose their effectiveness as the battery dies.

Other than that, the problematic sensors also affect the alarm or when the doors are not locked properly. So, you need to get a new battery or get the existing one checked by some expert.

What is the alarm fuse?

An alarm fuse is basically the option that allows you to turn off the alarm. It is found in the fuse box. Turning off the fuse means cutting the circuit so that the alarm goes off due to the disconnection.


Security is one of the most important factors that need thorough consideration. A strong security system in a vehicle can save you from major issues in the future. For instance, robbery, theft, etc are increasing rapidly with every passing day.

Therefore, a security system is a must. However, it can also prove problematic if you are unable to find the keys or due to any other issue. So, some of the ways that can help you to disable the Ford lock system are discussed above.

We hope that it proves fruitful and is easy to understand and follow.