Common Ram 1500 Leveling Kit Problems – 2024 Complete User Guide

Leveling Kits in the vehicles are generally known for balancing the car. These kits will help you in proper handling and maintaining the truck.

They are ideal in providing control to the vehicle and enhancing the quality of the ride. Being a mechanical tool, there are chances that these leveling kits may get disturbed and break down. This results in the stopping of proper functioning of the leveling kit.

Different issues can occur in these kits resulting in flaws and faults in the primary system. Still, no need to worry as we conclude the most commonly occurring

Common Ram 1500 Leveling Kit Problems and their easy solutions. You will be worry-free after understanding this article.

Go through the details mentioned below with your proper attention to ensure our effort has been paid off.

Common Leveling Kit Problems

common ram 1500 Leveling Kit problems

After reading this article, you will know about Common Ram 1500 Leveling Kit Problems and their solution, which you can apply.

1. Driveshaft Problem

Irrelevant shaking and unnecessary movement of the vehicle is an accurate sign of a driveshaft problem. It means that there is something wrong with your driveshaft. And this usually happens because the mechanic who has installed the leveling kit has not adequately made and located the angle.

This ultimately results in unbalancing and a lack of proper leveling in the vehicle. This is not only bad for the truck but also risky for you while driving on the road.

You can get through this problem of your vehicle by taking your truck to a professional mechanic or the one whom you trust. The mechanic will find out the exact problem and will fix the angle correctly. In this way, you would be out of this issue and further harm.

Moreover, it is also possible that you do this on your own, but you need to have professional skills and experience to avoid any further mishap.

2. Misalignment

This is the most common and general problem which occurs due to the misalignment of the leveling kit. If your leveling kit is not leveled correctly, it will not only function improperly but also will affect the functioning of the gear and will badly affect your overall gear system.

The front-end spacers of the leveling kit should be fixed in the correct position to avoid this dysfunction.

To fix this problem of leveling kit, you can take your vehicle to a professional mechanic. He will make correct adjustments and alignments to the leveling kit. Remember that your leveling kit should ensure the right lift height to make it work efficiently.

Moreover, if your vehicle has large tires, it will need a higher lift. Keep in mind these points, as they will help you out in problems with misalignment.

3. Extra Mileage

If the mileage of your vehicle is not appropriate, it will not only cause harm to the vehicle’s level but also affect you badly in terms of finance. And this too much mileage problem generally occurs because of the poor leveling kit of your truck.

Poor leveling kit makes the truck uneven, which results in extra resistance in the truck. And because of this extra resistance, you will need extra power to operate your truck. This extra power comes from the extra consumption of gas.

Keep in mind that Ram 1500 uses 26l gas, and if you notice that there is a need for extra gas, make sure to check for the leveling kit issues because this too much mileage is something to worry about. If you find any such changes, always go for the check of the leveling kit in your truck.

Try to make proper maintenance and adjustments to the truck at regular intervals to work more efficiently and adequately. In this way, your trucks will last longer with efficient performance

4. Damaged Suspension

We have seen that the truck’s suspension system ensures the truck is appropriately leveled and balanced on the road. It helps in steady driving and riding experience.

Poor installation of the leveling kit also damages the truck’s balance, which damages that suspension system. This results in harmful and poor balancing and control of the truck on the road.

The first and foremost solution to this flawed and damaged suspension system is installing new shocks to the truck.

These new shocks will restore the balancing of the truck and give your truck a new life to make itself controlled and steady on the road.

Additionally, always keep in mind to maintain your truck regularly to avoid such scenarios.


Are leveling kits bad for Ram 1500?

No, Levelling kits are not bad for your Ram 1500. Not in any case they will negatively affect your vehicle’s riding; instead, they will add to the functioning of your vehicle positively.

It is the biggest myth related to the leveling kits that they can affect your vehicle’s riding quality.

What are the advantages of a leveling kit?

Leveling kit increases the truck’s front-end up to 3 inches increasing the ground clearance. With this, you will get outstanding balance and control of the truck on the road.

Moreover, with the help of this leveling truck, the drivers can install slightly larger wheels on all four sides of the track.

Are leveling kits hard to install?

A leveling kit is relatively easy to install when you have the proper manual, understanding, and all the necessary tools with you.

Moreover, you are not required to remove any part of the truck to install them. Still, I recommend going to the professional mechanic to ensure you have installed the leveling kit properly.


A leveling kit is a beneficial tool to maintain the balance and control of your vehicle. You can go with the leveling kit to make your ride better and improved. Moreover, as this is a mechanical process, there are possibilities of dysfunction and problems.

Four major and fundamental problems are mentioned in this article to help you understand both the issues and their possible solutions.

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