Alfa Romeo 145

Between the years 1994 and 2001, the Italian carmaker Alfa Romeo put out a small family car known as the Alfa Romeo 145. Like the 146, the Alfa Romeo had a design plan that was based on B pillar forwards. But whereas the 145 was a three-door hatchback, the 146 is a five-door construction.

Both the 145 and the 146 were launched around the year 1994 as a means of competing with the mid-size hatchback market. The 145 was a replacement for the Alfa Romeo 33 model. The 145 was well received by the press for its spacious interior, which was perceived as being uniquely Italian in design.

Alfa Romeo 145

It had a somewhat bizarre cut-away-shaped dashboard that attracted a lot of praise. The design, however, was intended more for practicality and safety concerns rather than aesthetics. The car was based on the Fiat Tipo chassis.

In the year 2000, the two cars were superseded by the Alfa Romeo 147. This model was much more successful on a commercial level, boasting an elegantly styled front end and an improvement in quality all around. Some, however, felt that the 147 took away a lot of the raw edge that the 145 and 146 models had to offer.

Alfa Romeo 145

Alfa 145 Car Specifications

3Dr Hatchback 1.6 16v TS
Fuel Delivery Injection
BHP 120.0
Torque (lbs feet) 106.2
RPM to which the Torque refers 4500
Maximum Speed 121
Acceleration (0-60) 10.2
Insurance Group 11
Fuel Economy: Urban 25.4
Fuel Economy: Extra Urban 43.5
Fuel Economy: Combined 34.4
Emissions Data (co2 gm/km) 195
Service Intervals 12 mths/12000 miles
No of doors 3
Body Style Hatchback
Transmission Manual
Fuel type Petrol
Front Brakes VENT DISC
Rear Brakes DISC
Tire type 195/55R15 V
Production Start Date 21/04/00
Production End Date 31/01/01

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