How to Mount Light Bar on Roof without Drilling: The Complete 2024 Guides

Are you a road enthusiast; you must know how to mount light bar on roof without drilling. There is a need to install the roof lights, and it means to give a new look. Photo Credits: Michael Dorausch.

The light bars are a piece of valuable equipment that promotes visibility while driving at night. Especially, with off-road, ATV, and trucks, having a light bar mounted on the roof ensures better road illumination.

What is the Light Bar?

Lightbars are the popular modification of the automotive industry. This is a trend in the automotive industry.

Therefore, this trend initiated in the off-roading owing to reasonable lighting solutions.

It illuminates at night the trails that help in off-roading. However, the trend has taken to widespread that there are different light bars, and they are seen on the trucks, cars, 4wheelers, ATVs, SUVs, and more.

The light bars have gained popularity as lighting technology. These are small encased bulbs in metal housing working as additional light sources useful for various purposes.

These light bars are placed on boats, cars, specialized vehicles, and off-road trucks for better illumination of the road. Knowing how to mount a light bar without drilling helps in illuminating your garden or yard, as well.

Types of Light Bars

Before starting to narrow down the procedure of how to mount light bar on roof without drilling, have a look on the variation of light bars. Let’s find out the types;

There are three types of light bars, based on the beam pattern. These types are the Flood, Spot, and Combo.

Flood – This light bar is more extensive, featuring a 60-degree beam pattern and is much better to a spot beam. It is also the right choice that needs more lighting in the campsites, work areas, and so on.

Spot – This light bar features a narrower beam. It spreads the light beam up to 30 degrees. It is ideal for lighting purposes that are task-specific such as nighttime visibility in the road, allowing focusing of intense light to a particular area.

Combo – The combo choice offers ultimate versatility. It presents a combination of flood patterns and spot beam. It also features the same light throughout the area.

With this option, there is no need to split into models, hence, producing a more dedicated and brighter beam of light can be enjoyed.

How to Mount Light Bar on Roof without Drilling

Installing the roof light bar without drilling a hole is possible to any manual roof antenna. The idea is simple to route the wires, gut the antenna manual roof, and replace it in style.

Finally, route the light bar on the ceiling using a new shark antenna. Learning how to mount a light bar on the roof without drilling can be done following the guidelines of installation for the roof light bar to fit the LED.

The mounting locations usually differ for trucks and other vehicles.

Here is a guide to fitting a light bar on the roof for a jeep:

Step 1: You may mark with a marker the location for the mounting. This is mostly available in the installation as a product guide. You can find the place for mounting and consider choosing an LED light bar.

That is already preassembled so that the design exclusively supports the brackets, and it is laid across the roof of the truck or jeep.

However, while working and marking with mounting brackets, it is best to safeguard the paint of the vehicle, and this can be done using masking tape.

Step 2: The next step is to drill holes such that they are the designated dots. You can remove the tape.

Step 3: You can align the holes and the mounting brackets of the light bar such that it is secure to the vehicle frame. This should be then mounted to the roof using the support brackets.

This can be done using the hardware that comes in the package. Sometimes, additional tools may be required.

Step 4: Mount on the roof bar the light bar such that it is adequately clamped with the rooftop brackets.

Step 5: connect to a relay the wires and switch the wiring kit. You can use the available guide and learn the way to install the harness kit.

Step 6: Finally, test the light bar and ascertain it fully functions. In this way, you can have the pleasure of a jeep rooftop light bar.

Having LED lights is helpful as it lasts for a longer time and helps driving at night. The LED light illumination is clear and bright.

How to Mount Light Bar on Roof without Drilling: Important FAQ’s

Q: Which light bar shape is the best, straight or curved?

A: The straight bar promotes outstanding features of light, such as brightness, high power, and combo pattern of beam. The curved light bars are regarded to be more effective as they illuminate the vehicle front and also the side areas to light up.

Q: What is the light bar average service life?

A: Different manufacturers assure different service life in their products. However, in general, the LED lights or light bars last longer than other bulbs.

You can be assured of the light bars in LED so that it lasts ranging from 30,000 to 50,000 hours.

Q: Is the installation easy, and can it be connected to a light bar all by myself?

A: The process of installation does not take much time, and it also is simple. You only have to place a bar such that it is located, screw a few bolts, drill on the mounting brackets two holes, and the light bar position should be adjusted.

Connecting to your vehicle, the light bar may be difficult with electrical appliances if you are not adept. Even if you are not guaranteed, you can manage all by yourself the wire connection, and lastly, the best suggestion is to address professional help.

Please note the light bars include the instructions of installation instructions or look for it on the internet.

Q: Do light bars whistle as you are driving?

A: The light bars do whistle sometimes; however, it is not simple to say when you install it. If there is any concern regarding this issue, you can check on the light bar, or review about buying.

If required, you may ask the manufacturer before buying.

Q: can the light bars be replaced with LED?

A: The light bars featuring LEDs are not replaceable. In case the lightbar stopped working or has served enough time and has become damaged for reasons unknown, yet you have to replace the entire bar.

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Benefits of Light Bars

A light bar enhances the outdoor experience, and here are a few benefits that are most beneficial in knowing how to mount a light bar without drilling.

  • It helps in low visibility conditions when the conditions are dusty; the light bar enables you to avoid getting smashed. Safety is a reason to have light bars installed, and it keeps you from smashing into any rig or wrecking a vehicle.
  • Nighttime adventures. It helps to have great memories. Light up and make the experience suitable for everyone that spectators also can see and enjoy.
  • Night traveling, keeping the light bars on is fantastic. It allows us to commute and know the oncoming traffic far ahead and to slow down safely.
  • Family exploration is possible with the light bars much more than standard headlights. Setting up tents, reaching places, and cooking is less painful. You can also see wildlife walking in front of your vehicle.
  • The light bars add extra lights and are less expensive, making it highly effective. You can recover something, and load at night a vehicle with ease.


Identifying the best light bar relies on the lamp type as you need, and this includes the device’s purpose.

Drilling the roof of your Jeep top is quite annoying and unwanted thing. However, this guide on “How to Mount Light Bar on Roof without Drilling” is very very helpful.

Nevertheless, consider the light bar shape, length, beam angle, and brightness aside from the LED type, the temperature, and the location of the mounting.

The lighting devices need maximum efficiency, and it is based on the ratings of IP, resistance to dust, and water. At the same time, there are exclusive designs resisting fog, shock, and other elements.

Shopping for the light bars is possible depending on the products you buy based on its durability and assured efficiency. It is recommended to consider the reliability and reputation of the manufacturers.