How to Use a Tow Bar – Towbar Using Guides 2024

Towing a car could be simplest task if you know “how to use a tow bar”?

Tools and equipment make our routine lives easier. From the numerous tools available for vehicles, using the right tool at the right time is one of the crucial things.

Out of all the tools related to the car, the tow bar is one of them. Tow bar makes it easy for you to pull your car.

Fitting the best tow bar with the car is not so simple. Before fitting it, you would need to consider some important things. Before you fit, you need to select a style, do drilling, and check the vehicle’s brakes.

To make it easy for you to use the tow bar, here we have discussed what is a tow bar, why do we need tow bars and how to use it with a step by step complete guide.

Let’s first understand what a tow bar is:

What Is The Tow Bar?

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A tow bar is an effective mechanical tool which is used to hook-up the base plate on the vehicle’s RV or motor-home so that we can pull the vehicle.

Fitting the tow bar with the car isn’t as simpler as it sounds. Before you fit the tow bar with the car, there are many factors to be considered. Some of them are styling, brakes, drilling holes, etc.

If we talk about the types of tow bars, there are two main types of vehicle tow bars. First, the RV or Motor Home Mounted Tow Bars and second, Vehicle Mounted Tow Bars.

The RV or moto home mounted tow bars are put into the trailer hitch of the moto-home while vehicle mounted tow bars are inserted to a trailer loop ball which is connected by a coupler.

Based on how the tow bar will be used, it can be of different sizes.

Let’s say if you want to tow a normal vehicle, then normal-sized tow bar would be okay, but if you want to tow comparatively heavier vehicle, then it would require a bit larger tow bar.

Now, let’s understand what is the step by step procedure you need to follow to use a tow bar.

The Complete Procedures: Learn How To Use Tow Bar

How To Use Tow Bar

Before fitting the tow bar into the vehicle, it is essential to get the right tow bar that is perfect for the vehicle.

In this step by step procedure, we have discussed all the things you need to know for using a tow bar, from deciding about the right tow bar to how to use a tow bar:

Step 1:

Even before using the tow bar, you need to know whether it would work for your vehicle or not. For some RVs, tow works perfectly. If the tow bar works perfectly for your vehicle, then you need to go with it.

The important thing you need to note here is, as a tow bar requires vehicle modification, you cannot connect a tow bar with the vehicle which is in warranty.

Step 2:

Once you have decided to use a tow bar, now you need to figure out about the tow bar’s design. As we have seen, it could be either of a motorhome mounted tow bar or a car-mounted tow bar.

A motorhome mounted bar will be put into the trailer hitch of the motorhome while vehicle mounted tow bars are inserted to a trailer loop ball which is connected by a coupler.

Step 3:

Before connecting the tow bar with the vehicle, you need to attach a mounting bracket with it. Therefore, before buying the mounting bracket, make sure it will fit your vehicle and towing car as well.

Step 4:

After buying the right mounting bracket, now you need to check out the braking system of your car. If you find that the braking system is not proper, then it is not advisable to tow the vehicle with that car.

Step 5:

Before you get started with the towing process, you need to figure out that you have the necessary safety equipment with you. Hence, make sure you have safety cables on hand before starting the process.

These cables ensure safety if anything goes wrong.

Step 6:

Now, you need to find out the perfect area for mounting so that you can prepare your vehicle for drilling. Drilling into your car must be done carefully because if it would not be done carefully, it may lead to a costly affair.

Step 7:

After the drilling process gets completed, now you need to slide the bolts within the body of your vehicle. The size of the bolt would be affected by the size of the tow bar you have selected.

Step 8:

Now, install the pivot brackets to your vehicle. It would reach from the tow bar you have connected to the towing vehicle you want to tow. And, before you finally attach your car with the towing car, you need to wire your tow bar.

Step 9:

Finally, attach the safety chains between your vehicle and the towing vehicle. In case you are not going to use safety chains, it is illegal to two a vehicle without using safety chains.

Why We Need The Tow Bars?

With the help of tow bars, it becomes easy for us to transport any vehicle which is out of fuel or has any technical problem in it. Tow bar makes it the process easy.

To use the tow bar, you just need to fit the tow bar with your vehicle and towing vehicle.

Many people don’t know why they should use tow bars in their vehicles. It is the permanent and best solution for towing cars. However, depending upon the type of the tow bar, some tow bars can be removed when they aren’t in use.

Final Thoughts

A tow bar is a vehicle tool that makes it easy to pull the car. In this guide of the tow bar, we have discussed what is a tow bar, what is the importance of a tow bar and steps on how to use a tow bar.