10 Best Tow Bar For Jeep Wrangler 2024 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Every Jeep owner must have the tow bar, an essential tool which you need all of a sudden. Photo Credit: Rich.

The best tow bar for Jeep wrangler is most times needed when you have to carry the Jeep Wrangler behind either a motorhome or an RV, that is if they choose not to make use of the standard big trailers.

Best Choice
Blue Ox BX7365 Alpha 6,500lb Tow Bar
Good Choice
Smittybilt 87450 2" Ball Adjustable Tow Bar Kit - 5000 lbs. Rating,Black
Don't Miss
Reese Towpower 7014200 Adjustable Tow Bar , Black
Also Consider
ROADMASTER 522 Falcon All-Terrain Tow Bar - 6,000 lbs.
Blue Ox BX7365 Alpha 6,500lb Tow Bar
Smittybilt 87450 2" Ball Adjustable Tow Bar Kit - 5000 lbs. Rating,Black
Reese Towpower 7014200 Adjustable Tow Bar , Black
ROADMASTER 522 Falcon All-Terrain Tow Bar - 6,000 lbs.
Best Choice
Blue Ox BX7365 Alpha 6,500lb Tow Bar
Blue Ox BX7365 Alpha 6,500lb Tow Bar
Good Choice
Smittybilt 87450 2" Ball Adjustable Tow Bar Kit - 5000 lbs. Rating,Black
Smittybilt 87450 2" Ball Adjustable Tow Bar Kit - 5000 lbs. Rating,Black
Don't Miss
Reese Towpower 7014200 Adjustable Tow Bar , Black
Reese Towpower 7014200 Adjustable Tow Bar , Black
Also Consider
ROADMASTER 522 Falcon All-Terrain Tow Bar - 6,000 lbs.
ROADMASTER 522 Falcon All-Terrain Tow Bar - 6,000 lbs.

While tow bars have their different uses, there are so many with all-purpose applications available in the market.

The majority of the tow bars you will get to see are most times optimized for jeeps alone.

One thing you should know about tow bars is that they are compelling and are most times utilized on a vast range of bumper widths.

However, aside from the regular bumpers, tow bars can be used with updated as well as aftermarket bumpers.

The fact remains that they are powerful enough to carry a Jeep Wrangler, which of course is very heavy. With this in mind, getting to buy the right tow bar can prove to be complicated.

This is because you will have to ensure that the towing capacity of the jeep wrangler and even rating of its Jeep weight is perfect or close to perfect with the tow bar in question.

Best Tow Bar For Jeep Wrangler

Towing the Best Tow Bar For Jeep Wrangler

To tow a Jeep Wrangler, every one of its four wheels must actually be in close contact with the bare ground.

Furthermore, its transfer case should be moved to a much more neutral position.

Step 1: Firstly, you will have to depress and clamp the pedal of the brake and set the parking brake. Endeavor to shift to neutral from the automatic transmission.

Step 2: As for the manual transmission, you will have to depress the clutch pedal. Then, change the transfer case to neutral.

Step 3: Next is to start the engine and release the parking brake. Simply shift to Drive from the automatic transmission.

Step 4: As for the manual transmission, you can change to a gear. All these are followed by releasing the brake pedal and ensuring that the Jeep does not make any move.

Step 5: Simply shut the engine off and place the ignition key into the off position that is unlocked.

Step 6: The next step is for you to shift to Park from the automatic transmission and apply the parking brake.

Step 7: Finally, you can now attach the Jeep Wrangler to the tow vehicle with the aid of a tow bar. Next is to release the parking brake and you can freely zoom off.

However, when you get to your desired destination, apply the parking brake, and remove the tow bar.

Next is to release the parking brake and shift to Neutral from the automatic transmission.

But, for manual transmission, you will need to depress the pedal of the clutch.

Then, you will have to shift the transfer case into whichever position you desire — followed by a shift to Drive from the automatic transmission or release the clutch.

Top 10 Best Tow Bar for Jeep Wrangler Reviews

In seeking for the best tow bar for Jeep Wrangler, note that these tow bars are available in various weight and size capacities.

While some of them tend to be adjustable, a lot of them are not so flexible.

Nonetheless, we will be analyzing the best tow bars for your Jeep Wrangler that are very much available in the market and suitable for all your uses.

Some of the best tow bars you may come across when making your big purchase include:

01. Blue Ox BX7365 Alpha

Blue Ox BX7365 Alpha


The popular alpha tow bar is used to tow vehicles that are roughly 6500 lbs effectively.

The intriguing thing about this tow bar is that, at first sight, it looks very regular, and one can quickly write it off that it can not take on so much weight.

However, it will come off as a shock to you that it carries more than you could ever imagine.

The BX7365 Alpha tow bar looks very simple; it is compact and very much lightweight, weighing about thirty-five pounds.

Highlighted Features

Incredible features that will intrigue you about this tow bar includes:

  • Easy to use
  • Utilizes swift disconnect hookup pins
  • Easily mounted and stored at the back of the RV

This tow bar is actually made of steel, and its triple lug structure enables it to handle heavy weights with full balance.

Hookup pins are used to mount this tow bar, and it easily disconnects immediately it gets to its destination.

One thing to note about this tow bar is that it comes with safety cables and the tow bar is highly durable.


The advantages of this tow bar include:

  • Great towing force
  • Potent tool
  • It is very durable


The cons of this tow bar include:

  • It does not come packaged with power cords

Most people refer to it as being amongst the best tow bar for Jeep Wranglers available in the market today.

This is because it is easy to make use of, and its robust design will make it last for an extended period.

02. Hiltex 20046 Tow Bar

Hiltex 20046 Tow Bar


The first thing to know about this tow bar is that it comes in a universal size. Simply implies that it fits the majority of the vehicles that are available today.

Also, it does not have any form of compression or pressure problems.

The weight of this tow bar is just twenty-nine pounds; meanwhile, it can take on loads that are roughly five thousand pounds.

Its capacity is known to enable it to work with not just jeep wranglers but SUVs, Vans, Sedans, just to name a few.

Highlighted Features

Incredible features that will make you love this tow bar is that:

  • It is simple to use
  • Its design is sleek and slim
  • The bar can be folded

Pushing the bar aside, this tool has two safety chains of about thirty inches that have been merged into the system only for protection’s sake.

Since it easily folds, it can be stored easily as well.


The pros of this intriguing tow bar include:

  • Its weight is light
  • Comes with two safety chains
  • Its two inches fitting ball can be easily attached to most cars


The con of this product is that:

  • Its chains and bolts are actually not of high quality.

03. Smittybilt 87450 Tow Bar

Smittybilt 87450 Tow Bar


One thing to have in mind before you find this tow bar in the market is that it is adjustable just to fit diverse bumper widths.

Also, it has just a ball mount that’s about two-inch.

Its GVW rating is five thousand pounds, and its tongue capacity is five hundred pounds.

In its kit, it comes with the tow bar, two universal mounting brackets, D-ring mounting brackets that come in twos and are for the Smittybilt bumpers and then, a safety chain.

Its features are amazing as well.

Highlighted Features

The features of the Smittybilt 87450 tow bar includes:

  • Highly durable
  • Has a tow vehicle safety chain
  • It comes with two universal brackets

The weight carrying capacity of this tow bar is perfect as it carries about five thousand pounds while its weight is just thirty pounds.

It’s a most unusual feature that you are bound to love is its 2” ball mount or coupler.

The entire tow bar construction is kept in an adequate position by its safety brackets and lateral strut brackets.

You do not have to worry yourself if you are in haste as the two D-ring mounting brackets will aid in connecting and disconnecting your tow bar swiftly.


The pros of this tow bar include:

  • Its weight is light
  • It comes with a universal D-ring and lateral strut brackets


Its con covers:

  • Although its grade five bolts are suitable, the tow bar deserves bolts that are much more powerful

For the simple fact of extra security, the manufacturers add safety chains to this package.

The two sets of strings that you will find with this tow bar are actually one for the car to be towed and the other chain is for the tow car.

04. Reese Towpower 7344 Tow Bar

Reese Towpower 7344 Tow Bar


This tow bar is first of all, adjustable and it effectively features an easy to fold down convenience for simple storage.

The tow bar kit comes with a two-inch coupler as well as a set of bumper brackets that are universal plus a bar that is adjustable.

Reese Towpower has been rated to be at about five thousand GVW.

Also, it is based plate may need some form of fabrication, although this depends on its application.

Nonetheless, this product is ideal for making your trailer towing experience not just convenient alone but safe as well.

It has been structured to meet standards of high quality, and its durability can not be seen anywhere else

Highlighted Features

Some of its intriguing features include:

  • The capacity of 5000 pounds
  • It has tow bar folds that are adjustable


Its pros include:

  • It can withstand the most vigorous abuse
  • It is durable


Its cons include:

  • In the long run, it may need a base plate fabrication

However, the Reese Towpower tow bar is a fantastic tool to have for your Jeep Wrangler.

05. Currie Enterprises CE-9033JK Tow Bar

Currie Enterprises CE-9033JK Tow Bar


An interesting fact about this tow bar is that it was created with the Jeep Wrangler in the minds of the manufacturers.

The tow bar comes with an exciting package that consists of nuts, bolts, baseplate and a tow bar attaching a fork.

This tow bar is highly compatible with some of the tow bars you may have heard of before, and they are the CE-9033F and the CE-9033D.

Its weight is around thirty-one pounds, and it will work with some of the tow bars from a blue ox. Even with its weight, the tow bar can be easily maneuvered, and the plate can be installed.

As stated earlier, it was made strictly for Jeep wranglers.

Also, it should be able to perfectly fit the JK Wranglers, 2007 model, without any issue whatsoever.

But, trimming the rare of the frontside cross member is needed if you have a JK wrangler model of 2010 upwards.

As for the JK Wrangler 2013 and other subsequent models, they may likely not work with this kit because they have a different front bumper.

Highlighted Features

Exciting features of this tow bar includes:

  • It weighs thirty-one pounds
  • It is easy to use
  • It was made for JK wranglers in mind

It has a semi-gloss black powder finish that gives the tow bar an improved look and even goes as far as guiding it against grimes.


The pros include:

  • It is durable
  • The coating aids in preventing rusting


Its cons include:

  • The paint job looks weak for such a secure tool

This tow bar is permanent and has been built very well. Not to forget, you also get forks needed to join the tow bar.

06. Roadmaster 520 Tow Bar

 Roadmaster 520 Tow Bar


This tow bar has been severely tested though time to be highly reliable and it has proven its worth.

Nonetheless, the tow bar has already been structured for the user’s convenience. It has a locking mechanism that is known as Auto-lock.

This lock instantly centers and locks the bar in place. It is highly safe and very much reliable.

This tow bar is a heavyweight tool, and it comes accompanied with various safety features. It weighs about fifty pounds, and reviews from people already suggest that it is quite heavy.

However, it is its heaviness that brings about its balance and even prevents too much shakiness.

Highlighted Features

Intriguing features that may keep you glued to this tow bar includes:

  • It has the most significant hookup radius
  • Safety is guaranteed
  • It is durable

One thing that is sure to attract you to this tow bar is its fantastic aesthetics.

It has a powder coating that does an excellent job in increasing the tow bar’s durability, and the bar is protected from both grime and dirt.


The pros of buying this tow bar include:

  • Its maximum load weight is six thousand pounds
  • Provision of a safe way to detach and attach vehicles
  • It has a self-lubricating bushing that decreases friction


Its cons include:

  • It does not come with any safety cables

The need for safety cables is that they are vital safety accessories that can aid in securing all of the towing setups.

07. EZ Travel Tow Bar

EZ Travel Tow Bar


This is yet another universal tow bar that performs greater than anticipated.

Its weight is about thirty-five pounds, and when compared to other products that are available in the market, it is lightweight.

The weight it carries is actually up to five thousand pounds, and this means that jeep wranglers and any other small car can be towed without any issue.

Also, this tow bar comes accompanied by a powerful coupler for heavy duties. This coupler can facilitate 2″ balls.

Plus, it also has adjustable arms, and they have a universal fit, which means they can be used with any available bumper.

Its detachment, as well as an attachment, is very easy. It has horizontal brackets that aid in increasing balance.

For additional security, there are safety chains that come with the tow bar package

Highlighted Features

Some of its best features include:

  • Its towing capacity is 5000pounds
  • Its arm extension is about 24″ to forty-one inches wide


Its pros include:

  • It has magnetic tow lights
  • It can be detached and attached easily


Its cons include:

  • The views that come with the tow bar are not of high quality

This tow bar is very easy to both remove and install. Though it is not heavy, it offers a very decent weight carrying capacity.

08. NSA RV RB-9025 Tow Bar

NSA RV RB-9025 Tow Bar


First things first, this is a premium tow bar, and it delivers an amazing performance that can never be matched with whatever its countertops have to offer.

Its design is super sturdy, beefy and even made entirely of billet aluminum It has a carrying weight capacity of eight thousand pounds, and it can safely carry just about any car or even truck that is behind your car.

Its powder-coated stylish look will be loved and much admired by you.

Asides its looks, it has a coating that protects the tow bar from both grime and lousy weather conditions.

Have it in mind that this tow bar is a multi-purpose aluminum tow bar.

Highlighted Features

Its intriguing features include:

  • It is durable
  • The tow bar is strong
  • It can be connected and disconnected quickly


Its pros include:

  • Capable of carrying weights of roughly 8000 pounds
  • Comes with safety cables


Its cons include:

  • Its mounting clevis must be bought separately

This tow bar can actually be used with other prominent baseplates like Roadmaster, demo and even blue ox. Though the clevis can be purchased, you can choose to purchase the RB 2050 model

09. Reese Towpower 7014200

Reese Towpower 7014200


Every Reese Towpower product is easily adjustable although, this particular tow bar is a simple yet highly effective tow bar.

It leaves every one of its users highly equipped to purchase any of its extra accessories

Similar to many of its other counterparts, this tow bar does not come equipped with a safety chain.

There is a possibility that you may get to like this tow bar and finally make it your big purchase.

Highlighted Features

The features of this interesting tow bar include:

  • Carries the weight of five thousand pounds
  • Comes with a two inches ball coupler plus pin and clip

This tow bar weighs thirty-two pounds, and it comes with its 2-inches ball coupler.

With its pin and clip, it can be detached and even attached easily to the vehicle in question. You can also adjust its width and length.

The width is adjusted when the bolt is loosened. For the length, it can be adjusted bolt holes that are positioned n two inches increment.

To save time while connecting and disconnecting, it can be mounted on the car permanently.


The pros of this tow bar include:

  • It is made of steel
  • Its coated finish helps to increase its tow bar’s durability
  • It comes with just one set of universal brackets


Its cons include:

  • It does not come with its safety chains or even U-bolts for the safety chains

You can rest assured to enjoy every bit of the adjustable feature and even the simplicity of this tow bar. It works adequately for towing.

The safety chains are bough differently and do not come with this tow bar kit.

For the U-bolt, it will be purchased as well, or you can drill the bar in a bid to match the ones you have.

10. Roadmaster 522 Tow Bar

Roadmaster 522 Tow Bar


With the Roadmaster 522 all-terrain tow bar, releasing any of your towed vehicles is quite simple even if the tow bar is positioned at a tough angle.

Like the Roadmaster 520, this 522 tow bar also makes use of the locking mechanism known as Auto-lock.

This the type of lock that centers and locks the bar adequately The Roadmaster 522 is very safe, and it can be relied upon. It is a heavyweight tool, and it even comes with diverse safety features for your usage.

Highlighted Features

Some of its intriguing features include:

  • It can be quickly disconnected
  • It has a patented storage latch
  • It has an in-built cable guide


Its pros include:

  • It allows for quick and straightforward mounting or even removal
  • This tow bar is highly durable


As for its disadvantages, it does not self lubricate like the Roadmaster 520.

How to Tow a Jeep Wrangler

Buying Considerations When Selecting The Best Tow Bar For Jeep Wrangler

Before embarking on the trip to the market, there are some buying considerations you should consider before making your final purchase.

This list has already helped to streamline some of the best tow bars you can be sure to try out when you are shopping for tow bars.

But now, we will be helping you select some buying considerations that will further help you in your search and desires.

Things to consider before buying the tow bar includes:

It is Installation

Since tow bars have the tendency to be heavy and you may as well want something you can effortlessly move from one place to the other, you can effortlessly search for tow bars that are within the pounds range of five to thirty-five.

How quickly and you can attach and detach a tow bar matters, and it aids in determining the ease of usage that you will be getting from it.

Moreover, how easy a tow bar depends on how they can be moved, how reliable the locks are, and how many brackets it has.

You will have to ensure that the tow bar product has lots of locks as well as releasing methods.

This is needed to swiftly disconnect and connect it because some of these tow bars enable a permanent attachment with their base plate.

Available Backup for Safety

When buying a tow bar, you can never be so sure about that particular tow bar no matter how good the reviews are.

Since it is just a tool, it tends to fail to deliver when needed effectively.

The fact remains that the excellent tow bars have safety cables as well as wires. All these are needed as there may be a time that the tow bar gets disengaged.

The cables and wires will be the driving force that will keep your cars attached.

Immediately this is established, the cables should be strong and thick enough to be able to withstand whatever agony it will be passing through.

Also, sturdy clamps or even hooks should be positioned on the two sides.

Weight Capacity

It is a highly vital issue that must be paid serious attention to when you want to choose a suitable tow bar. Tow bars are mostly used to drag cars behind each other.

With this in mind, you can see why weight matters a whole lot.

Because certain vehicles have a particular influence, you do not have to waste time selecting them.

Ensure that the bar can easily handle much more weight than the actual weight of the vehicle. When it comes down to motorcycles, you can make it away with three tons of capacity.

As for huge cars, SUVs and of course jeeps, the safest capacity will be about three to four tons.

For both heavy and light trucks, its range will be about six to seven and five to six tons respectively.

Towing Brackets

Although they may look quite small, they carry the majority of the burden when a car is being towed.

These brackets are used for attaching the hooks. They are usually positioned in front, and some are posted at the back of the vehicle that is being towed.

Ensure that you select the type of towing brackets that have been made to absorb all of the weight and do not come popping off.

The towing brackets which are made of aluminum and steel are powerful enough to do the job.

Some extra attachments such as shock absorption actually decrease pressure mounted on the brackets and hooks.

They do come like they are springs in case you have never seen it before. Tow bars that have outstanding shock absorption will decrease the need for any safety wire.

Resistance to Weather

While there are some tow bars that you may have noticed have the term “all-terrain,” it is not all of them that have this sustainability ability.

So, this is a good thing.

Similar to tires, the weather condition also plays a massive role in determining the performance of every tow bar.

There are tow bars that do not function properly when the weather is cold.

The tow bar gets jammed and very difficult to make use of.

However, you should search for a tow bar that has the all-terrain capability. This is because these do not get corroded by either Grimes, humidity, or better still, water.

Frequently Asked Questions about best tow bar for Jeep wrangler

Some questions most people tend to ask when searching for the best tow bar for wranglers. The questions include:

Question: How do I efficiently make use of my tow bar?

Answer: In making use of a tow bar, there are roughly four principles one needs to follow, and they include the fact that you will have to ensure you know how to flat tow the car.

This means the four tires will be touching the bare ground as some vehicles get damaged when towed with all of its wheels on the road.

Some car manufacturers do recommend an ideal towing approach for any of the models.Cars may need what they call dollies in the towing process.

Also, there is a stringent restriction that is solidly against towing with all of the four wheels on the road.

Another principle is to install brackets on the bumper at the front of the car.

However, you will need to be precise because the process has to do with drilling and cutting.

You can always take your time in a bid to follow the required measurement from the manufacturers of the tow bar.

Then, the tow bar can as well be installed with Lynch pins. It just needs to be secured by attaching extra wires as well as safety cables to the car.

Question: Does Fitting a tow bar take so long?

Answer: This depends on the kind of car being towed. Some vehicles do not need to cut the bumper, and some others need it.

However, the fitting procedure will have to take an hour or two averagely.

Still, the time can be lesser than that or even more, and this will depend on you alone.

Question: What type of tow bar should I be searching for?

Answer: Tow bars come in different types. We have the sawn neck, rear steep, flat tongue, horizontal hitch, and so on.

However, the type of tow bar you will be purchasing will depend on the type of vehicle you are making use of.

The weight of the tow bar and if you will be making use of a permanent attachment or not.

Note that this process will take fewer minutes when it is carried out.

Question: How do I know the best tow bar brand to buy from?

Answer: Just as we have analyzed some of the top brands, you can also check for others and go through the reviews that have been dropped by people who have first-hand knowledge of the product.


The Jeep tow bars you see all around are supposed to guard you against issues that have to do with hassles and not to turn into a problem itself.

You will avoid having issues with your tow bar if you make do with tow bars of high quality and not compromise for standard tools.

Bear in mind that the products that have been analyzed in this article are not just great for Jeep Wranglers alone, but they work effectively for some cars, SUVs, and all other vehicles too.

All we can hope for is that you make the right decisions when buying the tow bar that suits your desires best.

No one wants to keep on buying tow bars at every point in time, and this is why the top best has been recommended to you.

Endeavor to go through it all plus all the buying considerations so that you do not make the wrong choice.