Top 10 Best Radiator for Jeep XJ 2024 – Review with Buying Guide

Overheating could be the cause of unwanted issues and would affect your driving experiences.

The “Radiator”, is a powerful and effective part that allows maintaining the usual temperature condition and avoids overheating. Therefore, the best radiator for Jeep XJ is a must-have thing you cannot deny.

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If you are searching on the internet for the best radiator for Jeep Cherokee, you are here at the right place. When you are going to buy it online, there are a couple of things you should take into account.

Best Replacement Radiator Brands: Quick View

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So here we have prepared the best ten products for you. We will also discuss the buying guide, so it can be easier for you to find the best one!

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Top 10 Best Radiator for Jeep XJ Review 2024

In the market, online or offline there are a lot of varieties and prices.

However, it is almost a tough task to select the perfect radiator for your Jeep Wrangler XJ, if you haven’t the proper idea. Here, we have selected the top ten items for you and reviewed them individually.

Let’s start:

01. Spectra Premium CU1193 Radiator – Editor’s Pick

 Spectra Premium CU1193


Spectra premium radiator is one of the finest radiators to buy. It is designed carefully to meet each manufacturer’s specifications, and it is available for over 96% of applications of the year 1985 models.

All car models are authenticated for function, form, and fitting. Spectra Premium CU1193 is designed under 9001 ISO quality systems.

Therefore, it comes with state-of-art packaging. Also, this radiator includes an accessories pack to accommodate many OE fitments. It is tested in a simulator endurance that makes sure that all the radiators are exceeded OE Standards.

On the other hand, its engine oil and transmission coolers are made to exceed and meet the original equipment standard. Spectra Premium CU1193 is 100% leak tested.

Moreover, it is made with only the superior grade material that ensures the longevity of this product. If you are looking for the best radiator for Jeep Cherokee that last long, this is one of the radiators that you can buy.

Highlighted Features

  • Maximum cooling efficiency
  • Thermal tested under real-life temperature simulation
  • High tensile aluminum strength for the better crimp strength
  • Designed and engineered in North America
  • Modifications are not required for proper adjustment
  • Designed to last
  • Perfect fit
  • Some users faced the problem of Plastic cracked below the radiator cap.

02. Prime Choice Auto Parts RK485 Aluminum Radiator

Prime Choice Auto Parts RK485 Aluminum Radiator


It is not a question of which one is best in general, but of using the right product to solve a particular problem. RK485 radiator by Prime Choice is one of the finest and the right product for your vehicle.

The radiator is economical and efficient. Prime Choice manufacturer is one of the leaders in the field of premium quality of radiators.

However, the RK485 radiator model is built with a high quality of material, and 100% leak tested. It is made with only the best grade material that ensures the longevity of this product.

The installation of this radiator is a breeze. You just have to Drop In and Direct fit, and it will be done.

Mainly, it is superbly built to vehicle-specific design specifications. Prime Choice RK485 radiator is compatible with your vehicle.

All radiators are very well inspected before delivery to you to make sure that you receive only the superior quality of products.

Highlighted Features

  • 100% leak test
  • The highest quality of material
  • Built for longer life
  • Direct fitting installation
  • Easy installation
  • Quality robust product
  • OEM radiator
  • Requires sledgehammer to install

03. Auto Dynasty 3-Row Full Aluminum Radiator

 Auto Dynasty 3-Row Full Aluminum Radiator


3-Row Radiator Auto Dynasty is made to provide maximum efficiency of cooling that helps to prevent premature engine failures.

This radiator offers high-heat transfers, lightweight, and includes aluminum tubes and fin designs that increase significantly its surface part, which allows heat to dispel most economically.

Since, the racing radiator offers at least 40% more cost-effective than the stock. The best part, this provides an excellent capacity for a refrigerant stock.

That means it your best cooling system that offers more resistant and more efficient to surge temperature in racing applications.

In addition, it is built with high quality aluminum with T-6061 grade that makes sure a long-lasting performance.

3-Row Radiator Auto Dynasty is Compatible With the Following Models:

  1. Jeep Cherokee from 1991 to 2001 models
  2. Jeep Comanche from 1991 to 1992 models
  3. Manual and automatic transmission models with 2.5 L 150 CU in L4 / 4 L 242 CU in L6

Highlighted Features

  • Highly increased cooling performance
  • Built with high quality with T-6061 grade
  • Lightweight designed
  • High performance 3 rows races
  • Lined up brackets
  • Keeps engine cool
  • Easy installation
  • Made up of high quality
  • The core got separated in some cases

04. Mishimoto MMRAD-XJ-89 Aluminum Radiator

Mishimoto MMRAD-XJ-89 Aluminum Radiator


If you want to keep your car in good condition and avoid breakdowns cleaning the radiator is one of the simplest and most useful gestures you can carry out.

MMRAD-XJ-89 Radiators from Mishimoto includes magnetic 1.5 drains plug x M12 that captures metal debris and fragment in your vehicle’s cooling system.

Therefore, this radiator is designed with a 100% increase with the fin surface in the thicker core 2-row design. Its importance is since this part is vital in the cooling of the engine and that overheating can cause many problems.

Particularly, the model by Mishimoto is the ideal upgrade of your radiator.

Hence, it offers a 90% cooling capacity and designed with a 2-row core, which is 100% bigger than the OEM units. MMRAD-XJ-89 Radiator is designed for maximizing cooling efficiency.

If you are going to use your vehicle for off-road or for your daily driving, this radiator is the right product for you.

Highlighted Features

  • It can be fitted for Jeep Cherokee XJ from 1989 to 2001 models.
  • Durable construction with an aluminum design
  • Superior heat dissipation
  • TIG welding designed
  • Efficient liquid temperature reductions
  • Offers great cooling
  • Easy installation
  • Exactly fits as described
  • Denting issues

05. Champion Cooling 2 Row EC1193 All Aluminum Radiator

Champion Cooling 2 Row EC1193 All Aluminum Radiator


Our vehicle’s radiator is an essential part of its proper functions. Without using it, it could not be adequately maintained, and it would break down soon hopelessly.

But what should not be forgotten is that a radiator is an important component of the vehicle’s cooling system.

If you are planning to upgrade your car’s radiator, EC1193 Radiator by Champion Cooling is one of the most excellent products. One of the best parts of this radiator is, it is designed with a 2-row aluminum radiator, and ISO certified manufactured.

EC1193 radiator offers the highest standards with unsurpassed precision artistry and quality.

However, it is manufactured in 100% seam technology. In addition, it offers a non-epoxy and sealed core. On the other hand, this model comes with original brackets and shroud fans that offer you the confidence you deserve.

The best grade of aluminum available is used in its manufacturing process.

Highlighted Features

  • Drop-In and Direct fit
  • 2-row aluminum radiator
  • Highest standard
  • Unsurpassed precision of a quality
  • Non-epoxy and sealed core
  • Manufactured using 100% seam technology
  • Super quality
  • Perfect fitting and easy installation
  • Offers a perfect cooling
  • Tube leaking problems from both sides

06. ALLOYWORKS 3 Row Aluminum Radiator

ALLOYWORKS 3 Row Aluminum Radiator


Detecting small faults in the radiator, or symptoms that these will occur will be decisive to ensure the proper functioning of the entire engine cooling system.

If you have found any defect in your car’s radiator and looking to buy a new one, Alloyworks Radiator is one of the finest products to choose from.

It is made of aluminum, robust material that offers long-lasting performance. It is designed with 3-rows and has a trans cooler built inside.

One of the best things about this product is that it is built with 6061-T6 aluminum and 100% TIG welded that offers leakproof performance.

This radiator offers 3-row high-performance design for racing, which improves its cooling between 35 to 45% temperature.

It is the right radiator for the model Jeep Cherokee XJ from 1991 to 2001 models and Jeep Comanche 4 L, 2 L, I4 engine, and I6 from 1991 to 1992 models.

Also, it is designed with a straight thread trans cooler. Its total size is 13 x 35.8 (Height – Width) and 1.5 inches in height.

Highlighted Features

  • Made with robust 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Designed with 100% TIG welded
  • 100% leak proof
  • Direct fits in Jeep Cherokee XJ
  • Great quality
  • Easy installation
  • Great fit
  • Seam weld failed after some usage

07. Auto Dynasty Full Aluminum 3 -Row Racing Radiator

Auto Dynasty Full Aluminum 3


Air inclusions in the vehicle’s cooling system are a widespread problem today. These “airbags” are produced because the radiator or expansion tank is placed at the same level as the vehicle’s engine or even below.

So it is always advisable to buy a high quality of radiator for your car. Auto Dynasty offers this one of the best radiators. It comes with 3-row, so it works perfectly even in racing cars.

Lightweight design and easy to install. It has direct bolt-on OEM, so you do not require any training for installation.

Besides, it offers a more and stronger coolant capacity than its stock units. This Radiator by Auto Dynasty is compatible with Cherokee L6 to V6 models, Wagoneer L6 to V6 models, and Comanche L6 to V6 models.

Also, this radiator is ideal for manual and automatic transmission.

Highlighted Features

  • 3-row full aluminum radiator for Jeep Wagoneer, Comanche, and Cherokee
  • Built with high quality of material T-6061 JDM
  • Designed with Spec Aluminum
  • Ideal for races also.
  • Lightweight designed
  • OEM installation
  • More and stronger coolant than stock units
  • Highly increased cooling performance
  • Welds cracking problem

08. STAYCO CU1193 Radiator Replacement Jeep Cherokee

STAYCO Radiator Replacemen


Stayco is one of the leaders in manufacturing the high quality of Radiators. This time it brings one of its great products, Radiator 1193, that offers many great features.

This is one of the best radiators for your vehicle! This radiator model 1193 by Stayco is built with 100% aluminum that offers enormous pressure and heat tolerance.

Besides, it also provides increased durability, improved structural rigid, better cooling efficiency, and better heating dissipation. It is effortless to install, you just have to Drop In and Direct fit, and it will be done.

It is superbly built to vehicle-specific design specifications.

Also, this radiator offers leakproof performance as it is designed with a TIG-welded end that makes sure no leakage. Its O-rings and Gasket are made with thermal shocked to make sure durability even in extreme weather.

Highlighted Features

  • 100% aluminum construction
  • Oil cooler fitting
  • TIG-welded end tanks make sure no leakage
  • O-rings and Gasket are thermal shocked that makes sure durability even in extreme weather
  • Includes an internal transmission cooler
  • Easy to install
  • No leaking issues
  • Fits and works well
  • OEM replacement
  • Lower part disconnects quickly

09. OzCoolingParts 84-01 Jeep Cherokee 3-row core radiator

 OzCoolingParts 84-01 Jeep Cherokee 3-row core radiator


If your car’s company fitted radiator does not work, it is essential to install the quality product. This radiator model is by Oz Cooling Parts offer the best radiator.

Since you find any defect in the car, you should also start with the inspection of the radiator for the presence of drops.

If it has any, it means that there are any cracks in the vehicle’s radiator – In this case, start the engine, keep it for some time, so it warms up and then checks the tube with wearing gloves.

While you are looking for perfect radiation with 3-row core, this radiator from OzCoolingParts can be your great choice.

Mainly, it is designed very well so you can install it quickly in no time. Its installation is quicker and more comfortable than quickly removes dust, clutter, and dirt.

That eventually turns a positive impact on the durability and the service life of the equipment.

Apart form that, it is designed with a 100% aluminum body that offers robust performance. Its core size is 11.125-inch height and 31-inch width.

Buy it! It is one of the best radiators for your vehicle.

Highlighted Features

  • Robust construction
  • Full aluminum body
  • Easy installation
  • Great performance
  • Perfect fitting
  • Great quality
  • Some users faced leaking problems

10. STAYCO CU1015 Radiator Replacement for 1987 – 1995 Jeep Wrangler

STAYCO CU1015 Radiator Replacement for 1987 – 1995 Jeep Wrangler


The last but not least, this radiator by Stayco is one of the superior products that is designed with robust and high quality of aluminum material.

Its installation is a breeze, you can do it without any training, and it fits in no time.

Besides, it is designed to meet or exceed the manufacturer’s standards and offers maximum cooling efficiency. You will like its Drop-In and Direct fit.

You will not require any training to install it. Buy it as it can be the right radiator for your vehicle. It is designed with a high quality of material that offers high and durable performance even in extreme weather conditions.

One of the best parts of the Stayco radiators is that they make and tested 100% leakproof radiators. Its transmission oil is plated and designed with plastic deposit material.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy and quick installation
  • Direct adjustment
  • Designed to meet the manufacturer’s standards
  • Offer maximum cooling
  • Designed with high quality of materials
  • Offers top and durable performance
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Made with robust and high quality of aluminum
  • Leak proof
  • The best cooling efficiency
  • There is no any complaint raised so far

How to Change Radiator Jeep

Different Types of Radiators

Before Buying a Radiator for your Car, it is Important to Know About its Different Types

With Round Tubes

The only advantage of this type of radiator is its low cost. The disadvantages are its small heat transfer surface, the need for the use of high-quality pads, and a small margin of resistance.

With Oval Tubes

This type has a large heat transfer surface, and its cost is low, but the number of manufacturers of this type of radiator is limited. The quality of pads has to be high too.

Manufactured by Sintering Technology

The radiators have a high level of resistance and toughness and have a large heat transfer surface. Pads are less prone to wear. The cost of the pieces is quite high.


The most expensive type of radiators. The price is the only drawback. The advantages are an excellent transmission of heat, hardness, and resistance.

Buying Consideration of Best Radiator for Jeep XJ

If you are not sure, which is the Best Radiator for Jeep XJ, here in the following, we have prepared the best buying consideration for you.

Radiator Fan

Fans of the radiator can be mechanical or electrical. The automatic fan can consume as much as 20 horsepower while on the other side, electrical fans consume much less.

Robust and Wide Tube

It is crucial to buy the best aftermarket radiator brands that have a tube as sturdy and comprehensive as possible. That helps to carry the volume of liquid which you need to carry.


To keep the cooling system, cool is one of the reasons to buy a radiator for your vehicle. Make sure that the fan system can flow freely through the radiator and pipes before you buy it.

The Parameter to Check the Better Quality

What Settings Must a Suitable Coolant Meet?

  • A low freezing temperature, so that the volume of liquid does not increase when it is cold, which can cause the cooling circuits to break.

On the package label, you can find the freezing point expressed in degrees Celsius.

  • A high boiling temperature, much higher than that of the engine when it is put into operation so that the liquid retains its properties and does not disintegrate.
  • That it has anti-corrosive and anti-fouling properties so that less solid deposits form and less calcium accumulates in the system.
  • In fact, on the label, you can find the pH, which indicates the corrosion capacity of the liquid on the metals, as well as the number of alkaline inhibitors and the maximum amount of waste.
  • It has a very low viscosity so that it can flow smoothly. You will find it expressed in gr / cm2.
  • That does not produce cavitation so that the smallest amount of foams is formed since these can get to plug the circuit.

On the label, you will find the time it takes for the foam to disappear, which should be less than 5 seconds.

Some Remarkable Technologies of Best Aftermarket Radiator Brands

Best Radiator for Jeep XJ

Mineral: Inorganic Additive (IAT)

This is the first coolant technology. Although it is not available today compared to the requirements of modern engines, still it is used for older vehicles.

Organic: Organic Additive (OAT)

This is so-called liquids “universal” fall in this category. It is the most environmentally friendly and has the advantages of being miscible with different kinds of liquids.

Hybrid: Hybrid Organic Additive (HOAT)

This is a mixture of OAT and IAT, which has 5-years of life. It is the new technology which has been developed to meet the specific specification of many manufacturers.

“Universal” fluids are the most popular and least expensive, but those with hybrid technology are the most efficient.

There are specific organic coolant manufacturers. To make sure you are not wrong, check the manufacturer’s recommendations on your maintenance booklet.

How Often Should the Coolant be Changed?

On average, the coolant with Glycol should be changed every two years or every 40,000 kilometers. The problem is that its compounds are deteriorating.

So you will end up exposing your car to more considerable wear that can even end up causing damage to the engine or radiator.

If the car antifreeze is organic, it can last much longer, twice as many kilometers, and can even withstand up to 5 years.

The key is that natural antifreeze, unlike inorganic ones, do not use silicates, which tend to degrade over time, but instead use more versatile and durable protective additives.

Also, being biodegradable damage the environment less. They also tend to have a higher freezing temperature and better protection. As a general rule, this type of antifreeze is red or pink, to differentiate it from inorganic antifreeze, which is usually blue or green.

In any case, when it is time to change the coolant, you should keep in mind that it is important to empty the circuit to remove the remains of the old liquid.


Without doubt, the diagnosis of your vehicle’s radiator should be made every 6 months. If you found any issues with the engine cooling, you must implement an emergency diagnosis.

The replacement of the old damaged car radiator is the perfect way in terms of reliability.

Eventually, it is possible to buy a new radiator for your car without leaving the house or unnecessary expenses. The best and easy option to buy is to order it online.

You can also buy the best radiator for Jeep XJ by clicking on any of our best picks. It is easy, quick, and safe!