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Top 10 Best Lockers for Jeep JK Review with Buying Guide

Having the best lockers for Jeep JK is one of the best options to improve a vehicle’s performance. However, not all the market options usually offer the advantages and features that people are expecting.

Here we develop the most comprehensive information about it for you to make the best decision.

We understand that for many users choosing the best locker can be a bit overwhelming. So the following top-rated lockers are the most formidable and suitable among all that are available.

At the same time, we analyze the most critical aspects of a high-quality locker.

Table of Contents

Best Lockers for Jeep JK

Photo Title Buy
USA Standard Gear...image USA Standard Gear Spartan Locker for Dana 30 Differential 27 Spline (SL D30-27) Buy On Amazon
Yukon Dura Grip...image Yukon Dura Grip Limited Slip Positraction Unit for GM 8.5"/8.6" Differential with 30 Spline Axle, 2.73-And-Up Ratio, YDGGM8.5-3-30-1 Buy On Amazon
Eaton 913A481 Detroit...image Eaton 913A481 Detroit Truetrac 8.5" 30 Spline Differential with 10 Bolt for GM Buy On Amazon
Sylvan Reinforced Automotive...image Sylvan Reinforced Automotive Climb Master Second Edition Differential Locker 4x4 Wheel Compatible with Jeep Dana 30 Spline 27 Buy On Amazon
Aussie Locker XD-13027...image Aussie Locker XD-13027 for Dana 30 7.2-Inch 27 Axle Spline Locker Buy On Amazon
Detroit Locker 913A481...image Detroit Locker 913A481 Trutrac Differential with 30 Spline for GM 8.5/8.6", 10 Bolt Rear End Buy On Amazon
Eaton 912A585 Detroit...image Eaton 912A585 Detroit Truetrac 27 Spline Differential for Dana 30 Buy On Amazon
Detroit Locker 912A585...image Detroit Locker 912A585 Trutrac Differential with 27 Spline for Dana 30 Buy On Amazon
Powertrax 9203822905 No-Slip...image Powertrax 9203822905 No-Slip Traction System (Chrysler 8 1/4" 29 Spline Open) Buy On Amazon

The 10 Best Lockers for Jeep JK Review 2021

Additionally, you only need to choose the locker that is compatible with your vehicle. After a simple installation procedure, you will be able to enjoy a much more formidable driving experience.

01. USA Standard Gear Spartan High Strength Steel Locker

Best Lockers for Jeep JK


First of all, the person with a Jeep JK can opt for this set of parts to improve functionality. By changing the locker on this vehicle, superior functionality can be obtained from day one.

Even included here is a Dana 30, 27-spline differential compatibility.

Excellent Functionality and Quality

Incorporating this part, the person will be able to incorporate heat-treated teeth. Along with that, these teeth are also precision-cut to be able to improve the lifespan that you get in this vehicle.

It will even be very simple to notice superior performance in this Jeep, as could happen with any other similar vehicle. In other words, the vehicle will be able to have the same factory open differential case while this automatic locker replaces the series pinion and side gears.

Especially when it comes to a Jeep vehicle that is several years old, this part is one of the best replacements that can be incorporated.

High Strength and Durability

For the manufacture of these parts, 9310 steel has been used, which is one of the most incorporated by reliable and highly reputable manufacturers. Here the main objective is to provide the user with great longevity in combination with high-level durability.

In other words, this means that this is an automatic locker that can adapt to heavy or light use. Therefore, you can get a higher level of traction, which is very useful when it comes to a Jeep vehicle.

So, this can provide a higher level of driving even when it comes to rough and uneven terrain.

Easy Installation

Lastly, the installation procedure does not require much time or effort from every person. Even some mechanic enthusiasts who have the proper tools will be able to install this part.

Moreover, the manufacturer mentions that only 4 hours of work are required to complete the installation.


  • Quick and simple installation
  • High strength steel
  • Long service life and performance


  • Limited compatibility

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02. Yukon Gear YDGGM8.5-3-30-1 Fully Rebuildable Locker

Best Lockers for Jeep JK


In the event the person has other types of Jeep JK, that locker can optimize the performance of many vehicles. Here the compatibility takes into consideration the GM 8.5-inch and 8.6-inch 30-spline style.

With which, people who have this vehicle will be able to enjoy a higher level of driving.

High-value Features

First of all, the 2.73 ratios are combined with other important aspects such as the positraction styling feature. Here the limited-slip differential is one of the most suitable, according to the opinion of many experts in the mechanics of Jeep vehicles.

This fully rebuildable unit is also a 4-spring LCD positraction. Here, the main benefit that this set of in-frame-built parts can offer is a superior level of drivability.

Of course, this is one of the most valued aspects as Jeep vehicles are widely used in rough terrain and on all kinds of uneven surfaces or off-road trails.

High-grade Materials

For the manufacture of this structure, 4320 forged steel has been used in each of the internal parts. In this sense, it is a structure that has excellent durability for heavy or light use.

Beyond that, this locker’s lifespan is one of the longest compared to the options available these days. So, when it comes to replacing some deteriorated parts of a very old Jeep vehicle, this structure is one of the most recommended.

Any Jeep vehicle owner who is compatible will have the ability to enjoy a more aggressive level of traction at all times.

Installation Procedure

To perform the installation, some special tools and knowledge of Jeep vehicle mechanics are required. However, this does not mean that only mechanical experts can perform this procedure.

Some people who are mechanics amateurs will have the possibility to perform the installation process in a few hours. This can even be a great way to save money when purchasing this part.


  • High strength forged steel
  • Extended service life
  • Superior level of drivability


  • Intermediate level functionality 

03. Eaton 913A481 8.5″ Detroit Truetrac Locker with 10 Bolt

Best Lockers for Jeep JK


Here we can mention a 30-slot differential with ten bolts for General Motors. So, this is another part that can optimize the driving level of various Jeep models.

Once the person checks the compatibility, he will have the possibility to incorporate these best lockers for Jeep JK that includes an excellent variety of features.

Excellent Functionality

One of the first features that can be obtained with this locker once it has been installed is superior performance in the vehicle. It is one of the best components that can be applied to a Jeep vehicle that is already several years old.

So it is one of the most popular components these days. In turn, specifically, the functionality of this locker incorporates a fully automatic limited slip.

However, it is one of the parts that will allow you to improve and take care of the rest of the related components of your vehicle. In such a way that the cost-benefit ratio is very balanced considering the competition.

Durability Level

High-strength forged steel has been used to manufacture this structure. This is the most important aspect of obtaining a long service life in this structure.

Even this same feature allows taking care of the rest of the related components to decrease the level of wear and tear of the different parts.

Once the user makes sure that he has a fully compatible vehicle, he can easily notice that this locker has been specially designed to improve any drivetrain. Even this manufacturer has long been known for offering reliable and durable products.

Assembly Process

Here the assembly procedure can be carried out with the labor of an expert mechanic. When it comes to an amateur mechanic, special tools are necessary.

Otherwise, it could be very easy to make some mistakes or even damage other related parts. Anyway, in a few steps, you will be able to enjoy a vehicle with a superior driving level.


  • High-strength structure
  • Excellent limited slip
  • Much more formidable handling


  • 8.5″ compatible locker only

04. Sylvan Differential Automotive Climb Master Edition Locker

Best Lockers for Jeep JK


When it comes to incorporating a differential locker for a Jeep 4 x 4 vehicle, this structure can present some remarkable advantages. Here the compatibility covers a Dana 30, Spline 27 chip exclusively.

So, if your vehicle has this type of front axle, you will be able to enjoy a superior level of drivability.

Excellent Functionality

One of the first advantages of mounting this part is a much better traction performance. Exactly this feature is what is required to improve the driving level right from the start.

Along with this, every user will have the possibility to take care of the rest of the same vehicle transmission components. Here it is necessary to consider that the compatibility does not include D30A.

So many expert mechanics recommend incorporating this part when it comes to replacing the locker of many Jeep vehicles that are years old. Anyway, high-level functionality is not the only good feature of this part.

High-level Durability

High-strength reinforced steel has been used to manufacture each of the internal components of this structure. Of course, this is one of the most important factors when you need to get a long service life from the transmission.

Even the resistance and strength that this locker can offer have been tested for a much safer result. Once these best lockers for Jeep JK have been installed in the vehicle, the user will be able to notice a higher level of confidence and superior performance.

These aspects are important to be able to traverse different off-road roads with uneven and difficult surfaces. 

Installation Process

To carry out the assembly process, the compatibility of this part with different vehicles must be taken into consideration.

At the same time, it is advisable to rely on an expert mechanic’s workmanship to avoid all kinds of beginner’s mistakes. In just a few steps, this part can be installed to optimize various Jeep vehicles’ driving levels.


  • Highly resistant structure
  • Excellent driving performance
  • Optimized transmission performance


  • Installation requires an expert

05. Aussie XD-13027 7.2-Inch Spline Locker

Best Lockers for Jeep JK


This locker is widely chosen in recent times when it comes to improving the accuracy of a vehicle’s transmission performance.

Here compatibility spans several Jeep models, as this is an option for the 7.2-inch 27-axle Dana 30. In this regard, a set of interesting benefits can be achieved. 

Optimized Functionality

Compared to other options here, you can get 100% more traction performance from the vehicle. Compared to other options, this is 40% or 60% more than a Posi LSD.

Of course, this additional performance will be easily noticed for driving this vehicle on different difficult surfaces and uneven terrain. It is even necessary to consider that this option does not work with limited slip or Posi carriers.

So after considering each of the compatibilities, this part’s structure would allow to better enjoy various Jeep models. 

Durability and Strength

To create this structure, high-strength steel and manufacturing quality have been used. So, this is what allows you to get a much longer life compared to other options on the market.

However, it is necessary to consider that this model does not allow to adapt to the D30a differential. From the very first moment, it will be much easier to notice the big increase in drivability.

Many Jeep owners decide to incorporate this part not only to replace old and deteriorated parts. Another reason to incorporate this part is to achieve superior performance and drivability.

Installation Process

To perform the assembly process, this locker is designed for an open differential. By having a set of tools, many people will be able to perform the assembly process in a few hours.

Anyway, the workmanship of an expert mechanic is recommended to be able to avoid different beginner mistakes.


  • Long service life structure
  • High level of efficiency
  • Increased transmission precision


  • Expert labor required for installation

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06. Detroit 913A481 High Quality Trutrac Locker with 10 Bolt

Best Lockers for Jeep JK


Here we can mention one of the 30-star lockers for General Motors .8.5-inch and 8.6-inch. At the same time, the 10-bolt rear end is complemented by a set of high-end features to enhance any type of driving.

Those with multiple Jeep models can enhance functionality by incorporating this part.

High-level Functionality

Of course, one of the best features of this locker is found in the higher level of efficiency that can be obtained. In this sense, this is a locker that allows you to optimize the transmission and other related components’ functionality.

Even the driving level will allow a vehicle to adapt to different uneven and difficult terrains. So it is one of the most valued parts among those available.

However, it is also necessary to consider that compatibility may be somewhat limited compared to all Jeep models. 

Durability Level

In particular, this structure has been manufactured with high-strength steel to withstand heavy use. So, this locker can adapt to the lifespan of the rest of the related components.

In other words, it is one of the most convenient components when it comes to replacing the locker of a Jeep vehicle. Anyway, it is also necessary to consider that this automatic locker’s operation can also be adapted to different roads that the user decides to take.

So this automatic locker can be adapted to any kind of situation and not only to off-road roads. 

Installation Procedure

In particular, the installation procedure requires an expert’s workmanship to be able to avoid different mistakes. However, some mechanic enthusiasts can perform the installation procedure if they have the right tools for them.

In any case, this is not generally recommended. 


  • High-strength structure
  • Intermediate level installation
  • Superior driving level


  • Limited compatibility

07. Eaton 912A585 Detroit Truetrac Locker

Best Lockers for Jeep JK


One more here, we can mention another of the options that are fully compatible with Dana 30. In this regard, people who have several Jeep Wrangler JK models can improve the functionality by incorporating this part.

It is even one of the simplest ways to achieve superior performance on different roads.

Excellent Functionality and Performance

One of the most obvious advantages of incorporating this part and that you can enjoy superior functionality when traveling with this vehicle.

This functionality includes the optimized performance of the transmission and each of the related components. Even people who need to replace the locker will also be taking care of the other related components.

After installing this automatic locker various Jeep vehicles will be able to traverse all kinds of roads and off-road trails. Even this part is usually very much chosen for a wide variety of different types of vehicles instead of just Jeep vehicles.

Durability and Strength

One of the outstanding aspects of this unit is that the structure features an excellent level of strength and durability. So this means that users will be able to count on long service life to take care of all the related components within the vehicle’s transmission.

However, this quality is not the only benefit that can be obtained. In other words, one can get a quiet and smooth functionality while traversing all kinds of rough roads. So here, people can count on a very reliable component.

Installation Procedure

The installation procedure can be done in a simple and versatile way with some special tools. Specifically, this design of these best lockers for Jeep JK features high-grade components for long service life.

This can facilitate the installation procedure, although expert workmanship is always recommended. So it will not be very difficult to improve the performance of a vehicle.


  • Easy installation
  • Excellent features and functionality
  • High strength and durability structure


  • Intermediate compatibility 

08. Detroit 912A585 Premium Quality Locker with 27 Spline Dana 30

Best Lockers for Jeep JK


When you need to improve a Jeep vehicle’s performance, this part is one of the most recommended in general. Here are another one of the lockers that can fit Dana 30, as they feature 27 splines.

Many people rely on this locker because of the excellent functionality that they can get right out of the box.

Results and Functionality

In principle, this component can provide an excellent level of efficiency and versatility when driving various Jeep vehicles.

Of course, this is due to the design of this ATM in combination with each of the parts incorporated inside. Beyond that, the cost to benefit ratio is one of the most balanced overall.

In such a way that many people choose to rely on this automatic locker to improve the performance of their vehicles. Both the transmission and all related components can run much more smoothly.

Of course, this is important to be able to traverse rough roads with increased pulling power. 

Durability and Endurance

In this case, if there is used a set of elements made of high-strength forged steel. Especially this aspect is very common among the best automatic lockers these days.

Specifically, this provides the possibility of obtaining a much longer service life. With which this part will have the possibility to take care of the performance of a Jeep’s transmission.

Installation Procedure

Once again, here we can mention that the installation procedure is not too complex for an amateur mechanic. So, with some special tools, people will have the possibility to install them in their garages.

However, it is necessary to follow the correct procedure to avoid the most common mistakes in this regard.


  • Long-life structure
  • Increased efficiency for the vehicle
  • Easy and quick installation


  • Limited intermediate level slippage 

09. Powertrax 9203822905 Ultra Strength Material No-Slip Locker

Best Lockers for Jeep JK


When it comes to improving a vehicle’s performance, this anti-skid traction system can be complemented with Chrysler 8 – ¼” and 29 open splines.

So a lot of people will be able to improve their vehicles by implementing this part. With which the result will be a much more suitable driving level of different roads.

High-level Functionality

At first, users will have the possibility to notice that they can count on a limited-slip differential due to this part’s smooth operation. Even here, too, it is possible to notice a locking differential effect by noticing the superior traction performance.

Specifically, it will be possible to obtain a superior driving level with high traction power and excellent smoothness. So this combination of effects is what allows many users to rely on this anti-skid traction system fully.

Excellent Durability

On the one hand, it is necessary to consider that the ratcheting sounds typical of other parts here have been eliminated. This is especially due to the precise timing mechanism.

So here, you do not get the same functionality as other locking differentials. Even the transmission arrangement features a reduction of bad movements thanks to the special design of gears and springs.

Beyond that, each of the parts that make up this component has been manufactured with high-strength metals. This structure is considered to be 67% stronger than titanium itself.

With which people will be able to notice a prolonged service life.

Simplified Installation

To facilitate the installation procedure, the manufacturer has considered some important aspects of the design. No special oils or strange tools are needed here.

Even ring or pinion adjustments do not need to be applied. Among all the built-in accessories, instructions are included to be able to complete the installation without too much hassle.


  • Simplified and quick installation
  • Stronger structure than titanium
  • Smooth operation and strong traction


  • Intermediate sound reduction

10. Yukon Gear & Axle YGLD44-3-30-JK Grizzly Locker


Another component with excellent features that complements Dana 44 and 30 splines is this automatic locker. In particular, it is a structure with a great internal design.

In this way, they have managed to reduce the most common failures that are usually found in lockers in general.

Functionality and Results

In principle, the person will be able to enjoy a greater amount of power in each Wheel of the vehicle. So this component can direct all the power of the engine to both wheels.

At the same time, this component has a limited-slip that allows it to disconnect automatically. In particular, this disconnection occurs in the curves to provide the performance that any user expects.

So it is one of the components that a large number of people choose as a reliable and safe part. 

High level of Durability

For the manufacture of this structure and all related components, 8620 steel has been used. This choice is based on the fact that this steel can provide one of the highest strength and durability levels.

Of course, this is necessary as this locker needs to deal with extreme conditions at all times. In other words, this is a locker that provides precise performance and high strength on all types of rough roads.

At the same time, it is one of the parts developed by a manufacturer widely chosen in professional racing. Therefore, users with a Jeep can rely on this locker.

Efficient and Easy Installation

Finally, the installation procedure can be somewhat simple due to the great design of this locker. However, the workmanship of an expert mechanic will ensure a high-level result.

In this sense, any user with a Jeep will be able to enjoy a superior level of driving and a reliable part.


  • High-level performance
  • High-strength structure
  • Excellent cornering performance


  • Installation requires an expert

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Buying Considerations for the Best Lockers for Jeep JK

To choose the best locker for these Jeep vehicle models, we must consider many important aspects. Of course, not all options on the market have the same functionality and features.

So, with the following aspects, you will be able to choose the part that is missing in your vehicle. 

Selectable or Automatic

There are two main designs for the lockers that a person can choose to incorporate in their vehicles. In principle, selectable lockers need to be activated manually.

Even this does not seem to be a good idea for drivers who are too fond of automotive mechanics in general.

To avoid the related problems that can occur in this regard, there are other lockers. In this sense, we are talking about the automatic lockers that do not need the driver’s hand to operate and adjust. 

Here the most important operation is that these lockers can adapt to the curves taken by the driver. So when the driver crosses a curve, the automatic lockers disengage without driver intervention.

Exactly this is the best way to obtain a profitable and reliable use on different roads.

Traction Power

One of the most important powers of a vehicle is traction power. Specifically, the locker implemented in these vehicles allows for a certain level of traction on different roads.

Of course, an excellent level of traction from the locker is important because we are talking about a Jeep vehicle. Essentially, these vehicles can provide a great result on on-road trails but mostly off-road.

So when the driver encounters a muddy and slippery road, the pulling power can define its outcome. It is possible to find a traction level of the boxes with a minimum of 40% and a maximum of 100% in most cases.

Here the options are most convenient when a traction level of 100% is incorporated. Precisely this means that 100% of the engine power can be transmitted to both wheels.

Installation Process

In principle, the installation procedure is one of the most important factors for people with little mechanical knowledge. Many of them try to save some money by considering a simple and quick installation.

Of course, people can opt for an expert mechanic to perform this procedure. However, in the case of automatic lockers, we can find a design that provides a simple installation.

In general, automatic lockers are usually much easier to install than their counterparts, the selectable lockers. It can always happen that some automatic lockers that are too advanced and innovative may include a complex design.

In case of any doubt in this regard, it is recommended to hire an expert mechanic. This way, you can avoid different mistakes that can be dangerous when the person is driving your vehicle.


Another of the most relevant aspects that users should consider is the level of maintenance that each part may need. Especially a locker needs to be checked from time to time as well as a good level of attention.

This is exactly the way to avoid damages that can be repaired in time. At the same time, different lockers do not require too much attention or maintenance.

The latter option could be much more convenient for most people. All those people who own a Jeep vehicle and have little time daily can rely on this type of component.

So it is highly recommended to have lockers that require little maintenance due to exceptional design. Here it is also important to consider the type of steel used to manufacture the entire structure and interior components. 


Finally, each locker’s level of precision can provide to a vehicle is another fundamental factor to be considered.

To be more precise, we should mention that the level of precision is related to the control that the lockers can have over the vehicle’s related components.

From here, this precision is exactly in the time in which the locker works and the exact moment in which it must be disconnected. It is also important to consider how accurately this can be measured in most cases.

Of course, as the accuracy is higher, then it is a much more efficient locker with great performance. On the other hand, a low-performance locker can even hinder the good driving performance of these vehicles.

Therefore, it is always advisable to consider the level of precision of the automatic or selectable locker you wish to purchase. Undoubtedly, this will avoid many problems.

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FAQ’s About the Best Lockers for Jeep JK

Q: Do I need lockers on my Jeep?

Ans: Simply put, we can say that a Jeep does not need a locker. However, this component can provide superior functionality. Specifically, a locker is responsible for more efficiently transmitting engine power to the vehicle’s wheels.

It is not the only component charged with this task. However, a locker can help engine power reach the wheels more efficiently. In this way, a Jeep vehicle will have the versatility to traverse different rough roads on or off the road.

Thus, it is not necessary to have a locker in a Jeep. Beyond that, users of these vehicles choose to implement this component anyway. The great results can be noticed in a much simpler way.

Specifically, these results translate into a high level of handling on uneven surfaces.

Q: What Jeep models have lockers?

Ans: Many Jeep Wrangler models provide the ability to incorporate a locker to improve functionality, ride level, and pulling power. By the same token, a locker does not provide the same compatibility for different Wrangler models.

Therefore, the user needs to check the compatibility of their vehicles before choosing a locker. In this sense, these types of parts can provide a much more formidable level of ride.

On many occasions, this is necessary as a Jeep Wrangler vehicle is widely used for off-road trails. So here, superior performance is required to be able to traverse difficult terrain and uneven surfaces.

Q: How much does it cost to put lockers on a Jeep?

Ans: Here it is necessary to consider that the total budget for a locker may or may not include the cost of labor. On the one hand, many designs take into consideration a simple and quick installation not only for mechanical experts.

Here we consider this type of simplified design so that mechanical amateurs can perform the installation. So, having a locker that includes a simple design is what allows to decrease the budget needed.

When the owner of this vehicle can perform the installation, he will not have to hire labor. However, it is necessary to carry out this procedure with great caution.

Some mistakes could be made here that can be dangerous when driving the vehicle.

Q: How do you improve the Jeep JK quality?

Ans: To improve the driving quality of this vehicle, several important steps are recommended. As we have mentioned above, implementing a high-quality locker is one factor that allows you to obtain a great driving quality.

Especially an automatic locker allows your vehicle to adapt to different curves. Even the right option manages to transmit a large percentage of the engine power to the wheels.

So this manages to increase the pulling power, which results in a much more formidable ride. There are also other important steps, such as a good suspension system, good tires, and wheel alignment.

Q: What does a locker do on a Jeep?

Ans: A locking differential or locker has the task of synchronizing both wheels of a single axle. When this happens, the wheels will be able to move with the same amount of force and speed.

Otherwise, some difficult surfaces and uneven terrains could generate a desynchronization between the same wheels of one axle.

So here, an excellent level of precision can be obtained while the wheels receive a large percentage of the motor power. Even a locker also stops working and switches off when the user has to go through different curves.

In particular, this is necessary because, in a curve, the two wheels on the same axle cannot turn with the same amount of force and at the same speed.

Q: How do I know if my Jeep has a locker?

Ans: In principle, there is a quick way to check if this component has been installed on your vehicle. Of course, it is necessary to get underneath the vehicle and look at the middle part between the axle that connects the two wheels.

Many Jeep models are prepared to incorporate a locker, although not all Wrangler models. Another way to check if your vehicle has a locker installed is by driving. 

All vehicles with this component can provide a superior ride compared to other Jeep vehicles. Besides, the disconnection and connection of the locker can be noticed when cornering.

When a curve is taken, the locker is disconnected and reconnected when the curve is completed.

Final Words

Once you know the best lockers for Jeep JK, you will have the ability to improve your vehicle’s performance. This simple component can offer excellent advantages when traversing all kinds of roads or off-road trails. 

Many people use this chip vehicle to be able to enjoy an excellent level of off-road driving. With which, the driving level can be optimized the plea that you choose the most suitable locker for your vehicle.

For this, we recommend considering all the information we have developed. Even choosing the exact locker for your vehicle allows you to obtain a simple installation along with other additional advantages in this component.

In other words, you don’t need to waste your money on the wrong locker to suffer a worse level of driving than before.

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