Coil Spring Spacers Good or Bad: Here is the Untold Facts!

It is essential that you have facts regarding coil spring spacers good or bad, to understand whether it is a good idea to install it. You need to understand whether you want to lift the spring or you have to change its current springs.

You have to consider different types of information to make the necessary changes to your vehicle. One reason to prefer the spacers is that it can provide you much better performance.

Top Rated Coil Spring Spacers

Cracking the True Facts of “Coil Spring Spacers Good or Bad”

The spacers are also the best choice for improving coil performance to avoid any major trouble. The spaces can help you avoid using extra weight on your vehicle to ensure no issues with its efficiency on the road.

One of the reasons to prefer using the spring spacers is because it can prove useful to life the vehicle and helps you to add some more inches to your car off-road.

Another major reason is to get the spacers because it can help you avoid replacing the vehicle’s springs.

What is Coil Spring Spacers?

Coil Spring Spacers

When you start to look for the spring spacers, you will learn that it can be useful for you to add some more inches on a vehicle and its body when you will use it off-road. With the help of spacers, you can also get rid of replacing the vehicle’s springs. 

Many people who consider buying the coil spacers already have some experience of using a lift kit. It is why some people consider buying spacers to adjust the height of their vehicles.

One can easily consider the spacer as a maintenance tool, which can help you avoid any issues, and you can avoid buying brand new springs.

Are Coil Spring Spacers Good or Bad?

Are you planning to buy spacers? Do you want to learn if the coil spring spacers good or bad? It can be based on different factors, and you need to realize how you can understand the difference. 

When you consider investing in the spacers, you can get an extra two to three inches of height when you buy a good option. The installation of the spacer is quite easy.

You can find that the product comprises different types of materials like polyurethane, aluminum, and steel. 

You will learn when you check out the spacers because the rate of the spring can be changed while it does not impact the drive quality. When you are using a spacer, then it won’t cause any change in the load capacity.

Reasons why the spacers are good choices, and you should consider investing in them.


One of the main reasons to prefer spacers is that they are not so expensive, helping you save some money. It is one of the most affordable choices, and it is an easy way by which you can lift a vehicle with the coils.

You should avoid using any cheaper quality product, which can cause issues for you later on.

Easy to install

Another reason to prefer using a spacer is its installation process. When you check the steps for installing a coil spacer, you will surely find it quite easy.


Another reason to prefer using the spacer is that it is flexible. You can easily use it in any vehicle, whether it is a heavy or light duty coil.

Offers Definite Lift for a Fixed Extent

The users can get a definite lift for a fixed extent when they use the spacers. It can help you use it without any issues, and you might not notice any significant change in the lift.

It means that you do not have to worry about changing the height.

Spacers Help Keep the Rates Constant

You can also see that the rate of the spring has become quite steady or constant after using the spring spacers. It can help you with the height, which will bring minimum change, which might not even be noticeable.

The spring spacers go through various tests from the manufacturers to ensure that it’s in perfect condition.

How to Install a Coil Spring Spacer

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The fixing of a spacer is not too difficult if you have specific knowledge about it. You need to make sure that you follow all the steps mentioned here properly if you wish to install a spacer.

It will help you to avoid multiple problems and ensure a convenient outcome.

Loosen the Nuts

The first step for this process is with the spacer. You have to begin by undoing the nuts on the vehicle. For that, you can easily use a jack, and then begin to release the nuts one by one. 

You will also find that the nuts used on your vehicle’s wheels are considered lug nuts. You must remain careful if the nuts are being undisturbed. It is because it can lead to damages to the opposite side of the studs.

Use a Big Jack

You have to consider using a jack to lift the vehicle. It would be best if you prefer using the lift manufactured in the factories to ensure no damage to the lines’ components.

Position the Jack Stand

You have to avoid placing the jacks on the axle to swing free on the suspension. The next step is to put it directly below the frame, and it should be with the jack to help you lower the vehicle and provide it adequate support.

Put It Under the Axle

You must check that the jack can help with the axle. When you check the axle, you will find that the jack can help raise it to handle some weight.

Now Take Out the Tire

The next step is to properly take the tire out of the vehicle so that you can see the jack supports the axle. It is important that you properly check if all the other parts of the vehicle are safe.

Check If the Axle is Supported

Now, you have to remove the absorbers from the axle as it will be quite easy. You can just let them and around as they won’t come in your way when installing the spacers.

Now Unbolt the Absorbers

After that, you can focus on removing the bolts and then conveniently get rid of the absorbers.

Take Out the Cotter Pin

The next step is to get rid of the pin. You can do it by starting from the end, which is considered from the bar, and then does it properly.

Get Rid of the Castle Nut

You can easily remove the screw from the back of the link to get rid of it.

Use a Hammer

Now you can get your hammer and use it on the separation device to get rid of the link as it’s not that difficult. You can tap on the hammer to remove the link.

Apply the Spring Compressor

The next step is to start using the compressor, which can help you avoid any loss of the components when you secure the spring.

It would help if you considered a spring compressor that is secure on the coil so that you can avoid any damage. You have to unbolt the spacer retainers from both sides if you compress it.

Now Bring Down the Axle

Now you have to focus on bringing down the axle as far it has gone without letting it get away from the jack.

Insert Coil Spacers

The next step is to put on the coil spacers on the spring’s top to be placed properly.

Raise the Jack

You have to put on the jack in upward in a gentle way so that space can come in touch with the axle and the frame at the proper site. You can reduce the chances of getting into an accident if the device fails during the installation work by placing it properly.

Put Back the Spacer Retainer

The next step is to put back the retainers at the right time properly. It is important to check if the axle is taking on the weight of the frame.

Now Put Everything Back

At last, you have to focus on reversing back all the disassembling process’s position. Once you follow the opposite way, you can easily put everything back to be in a perfect position and use it.

One of the things that every person should avoid is using the homemade spacer. You must understand that the retail coil spacers are tested to endure the high side loading.

If the spacers fail, it can lead to a major accident, so make sure to avoid using homemade units.

Required Tools for Installing Coil Spring Spacers

If you want to complete the spacer installation, you need to get all the necessary tools. It is why you have to consider investing in some good quality options to get the best outcome. Here are some of the necessary tools that you should gather before starting the work.

  • Ball joint separator
  • Jack
  • Coil Spacers set
  • Pliers
  • Coil spring compressor
  • 3/8 Ratchet
  • A full set of wrenches
  • Medium-sized hammer
  • Flat-head screwdriver

After you have all the necessary tools, then you can begin to focus on different parts. Using these tools, you can make your work easier and ensure no problems during the installation work.

Best Coil Spring Spacers

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Twist in Coil Spring Spacers

Superior 18-9001 Twist In Rear Coil Spacer
  • Helps Restore Spring Tension
  • Helps Restore Life to Sagging Coil Springs
  • Provides Lift to Sagging Springs
  • Easy to Install
  • increases Spring Tension to Help Prevent Bottoming

One reason why the spacers are so easy to install as its design and the twist in the spacers. One of the reasons you will apply the sledgehammer is to give some lift to the top due to the twist. 

It will help you to get rid of the units which are between the coils. You can easily use a wrench to use the bolt of the product and easily improve its tension. It will help you with an extra one and 1&1/2 lift, which can also be considered a twist. 

One of the main reasons to prefer this option is that you won’t have to worry about maintenance. Due to the twist, you won’t have to clean or leave create the spring, so it does not require any special attention.

One issue that you might face with the springs is that they can break with time, but you can easily replace it with other spacers when such things happen. 

The second reason is that the spacers are quite light in weight. It is twisted, which is why the coil steel is stronger, and it can keep its shape without any issues.

With the help of the heating and cooling process inside the metal spring, it will help you to keep it stronger while it holds large weights.

How to Install Twist in Coil Spring Spacers

Installing a twist in spacers is quite an easy task. You have to follow some of the basic steps that will help you complete everything without worrying about any issues. Here are some of the steps that you need to follow to complete the installation process.

  1. Lift the vehicle with Jack – The first step to installing the twist spacers in the vehicle is using a jack. You need to make sure that you put it properly not to cause any damage to the vehicle. The weight should be distributed evenly to ensure that your vehicle is lifted.
  2. Get access to the spring – Now you have to check whether you have access to the springs and the vehicle or not. It needs to be done properly so that you can easily see the springs to start working on it.
  3. Use the twist in type coil spring spacer – You have to use the twist in type spacer in your vehicle. You can easily place it between the springs to ensure that it can help in increasing the lift in it. So make sure that you do it properly and get in space between the springs to ensure that it works properly.
  4. Increase the load capacity and lift – Once you do that, you will see that it will help in increasing the load capacity of the vehicle. Such things will surely prove beneficial and ensure that the vehicle can load more weight. It can also help in increasing the lift between the springs to ensure that you get more height.
  5. Put down the vehicle – After completing everything, you can easily put down the vehicle properly. Make sure that there is not too much load on either side, which can lead to damages. So you have to put down the vehicle safely.

What is a Coil Spring Booster

Mr. Gasket 1283 Coil Spring Twist - Set of 4
  • Aluminum twist-in Coil Spring Boosters
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  • 1-3/4" Large
  • Easy installation
  • Durable and long lasting

You can consider the coil spring boosters as a replacement for a weak spring. When you check out the coil spring boosters in the market, and you will find many options for it.

It can prove quite useful as it is the perfect option which can help you to support more weight in a vehicle. 

With the help of a coil spring, you can easily work with the vehicle’s shock absorption. So it will prove useful for the vehicles, which transport heavy loads.

With the help of the best coil spring booster, it can help you to improve the loading capacity and ensure that the vehicle can function under heavy load. 

It can also handle heavy pressure and additional resistance when you use the best option in a vehicle. Due to its flexibility and retraction, the coil spring can keep its original form without any major issues.

You have to be careful to ensure that there are no problems with the spacers in the vehicle. 

Coil Spring Booster Installation

If you want to learn how the coil spring boost installation is done, you must follow some basic steps. It will be done properly once you learn everything so that there are no issues with it.

Prefer taking all the safety precautions to get the best outcome.

  1. Use the jack to lift the vehicle – It is important that if first use the jack to lift the vehicle. Make sure that it is 180 degrees and the opposite direction of the spring. Now, you have to insert it by using a half-inch ratchet and socket. Now, you can easily start the spacer, which should be enough to hold the position. After that, you can push the spring spacer in it. 
  2. Now fix the spreader type – The next step is to fix the spreader type in the opposite direction of spring to help you release the nuts. You can easily let it collapse and settle between the spring coils. It is quite easy as you have to put into the point and the spring will become adjusted inside the saddle. Now you can easily tighten up the plate nuts to keep the merit in its position.
  3. Install it with a pry bar on hammer – The next step is to easily snap on the rubber type using a hammer or a pry bar. Once you do this, you can easily keep them in its position until it snaps the ends.
  4. Now add the airbags with Jack – You can put down the airbags and the jack. You can keep resetting the axle to unload the shocks so that you can put in the nuts and the shocks properly on it. Once you know the jack, you can pull down the axle and spring properly.

How to Install Rubber Coil Spring Spacers

Rubber Coil Spring Spacers

The process for installing rubber spacers in your vehicle is quite easy. You have to follow some simple things, and it will be done properly. Make sure that you do not make any mistakes when you are using the rubber spacers. Consider following all the details to ensure that you won’t have to take any stress with the work.

  • Jack up the car – The first step is to lift your vehicle by using the jack. It will help you to put it in a specific position by which you can create some space between the tire and the vehicle.

It will surely help you to see the spring inside the vehicle so that you can easily work on it.

  • Place it in the spring – You won’t have to worry about removing the tire to access the vehicle’s insides.
  • Put the rubber spacers properly – It will easily be available once you lift off the jack and the car. Now you can easily get access to the position so that you can work on it.

The next step is that you can easily place the rubber spacers inside it. You have to push the turns at specific angles so that it can adjust between the springs so that you can keep some space in it.

  • Now slowly lower the Jack – After doing that, you can easily put down your vehicle by lowering it. Ensure that you do it properly not to cause too much pressure on the vehicle’s sides, leading to damages.

It should be done properly to ensure that you can fit the rubber spacers. After that, you can see that there the lift is improved in the vehicle.

So, it would help if you kept all these things into consideration when you plan to work with rubber spacers.


At last, you might conclude coil spring spacers good or bad. You will always find that it only offers you benefits, and you will surely find yourself buying a good option.

One of the biggest benefits is that it does not need any maintenance. It does not require any extra care like cleaning or lubrication to maintain it.

You need to understand that the only issue that you might face with the spacers is that it can break with time. When you see that the springs break, then the only option is to fix it, and they are quite flexible.

Moreover, you can find that there are many manufacturers and options for the springs. It only depends upon the spring, and then you can consider the compression, torsion springs or tension springs.

You will learn that the different types of spacers will provide you different results.