Poker Stars and Their All-In Cars

Alexander Migl

We all dream of owning a magnificent car at some point in our lives. Maybe we aspire to drive an Audi or secretly yearn for the pomp of a Porsche. Instead, we make do with a Ford Galaxy and look on with envy as celebrities drive around in cars we can only dream of. Sports … Read more

Ford Sport Ka – Review

Ford Sport Ka 1

In the year 2003, Ford decided to branch out and diversify the Ka name. At that point, the Sport Ka was introduced. It featured a wider track that had stiffer suspension, new sixteen inch alloy wheels, and a sportier body kit. Alongside the Street Ka, the Ford Sport Ka came with a wider bumper on … Read more

Ford C Max – Review

Ford C Max

The compact multi-purpose vehicle known as the Ford C Max has been made by the American car manufacturer Ford for Europe since the year 2003. It was known for being the first vehicle to be built on the Ford C1 platform. This is the same platform that is utilized by the Ford Focus Mk II, … Read more

Audi S8 – Car Specifications

audi s8

It was the year 2001 during which time the Audi S8 was introduced on to the market in the United States of America. The Audi S8 was loosely based on the Mercedez Benz AMG models. While the Audi S8 may have shared the platform of the standard model, it also featured a re-tuned 360 PS … Read more