The Effective Chevy Mylink Bluetooth Troubleshooting: Silverado Bluetooth Fixing Tips – 2024 Guide

A very common situation faced by all is the Chevy MyLink Bluetooth troubleshooting, which looks easy but is otherwise. A lot of reasons can be behind the fact that Bluetooth frequently disconnects with Chevrolet cars.

Using the MyLink system serves quite a few purposes and makes driving quite a convenience. Bluetooth’s ability to accept and reject calls is the most fundamental part as it prevents using a handset.

Secondly, you can also enjoy music and movies while on a road trip or for regular outings. But the issue lies when the connectivity with Bluetooth fails, often disrupting the natural flow of its operations on MyLink. 

Chevy Mylink Bluetooth Troubleshooting

Chevy Mylink Bluetooth Troubleshooting

Below mentioned are the issues often faced with Bluetooth connectivity along with their respective solutions. A brief step-by-step procedure of connecting Bluetooth from starting will help the beginners Chevy MyLink Bluetooth troubleshooting.

A separate section includes the solutions when the Bluetooth of Chevy Equinox is not working. Let us start the discussion without further delay. 

The primary reason behind the difficulty in connecting Bluetooth devices is its positioning out of the range. Being a wireless technology of a short-range, it enables connecting mobile devices and can also connect calls.

Its wide usage is mostly because it consumes very low power and does not incur any charges. One of the common techniques of connecting Chevy MyLink with a smartphone is Bluetooth.

However, there are times when even after the connection, the operations fail. There are quite a few troubleshooting methods that are mentioned below.

You can follow them in case your Chevy MyLink does not connect easily. 

Pairing Chevy MyLink

Pairing Chevy MyLink

In case issues are connecting the system with the Bluetooth, restarting both the devices can solve it. When there is no positive signal after doing so, ensure to troubleshoot as below:

Step 1: Unlock your phone

Step 2: Open the “Settings” option on your phone

Step 3: Click on Bluetooth devices.

Step 4: Delete the Chevy MyLink pairing from the list of paired devices. 

Step 5: Follow a similar method in the MyLink system as well. 

Step 6: Click on the paired devices list. 

Step 7: Delete the smartphone name that you own. 

Step 8: Let the devices be unpaired for some time. 

Step 9: Turn on the Bluetooth option on each device.

Step 10: Re-pair the device by searching all the nearby devices.

Solving Bluetooth-calling Issues

Chevy MyLink has the option to receive calls while driving without the need to use your phone. You can also make calls from the display screen itself and speak hands-free.

But this system requires connecting the MyLink system with your smartphone, and one of the options is Bluetooth. Often people face issues when the calls keep disconnecting now and then.

If after connecting properly with MyLink, the system sometimes transfers it back to the phone, which is quite inconvenient. The primary reasons are:

  • Improper Pairing

Improper Pairing Chevy MyLink

Usually, the connectivity issues of the Chevy MyLink with the smartphone Bluetooth occurs due to pairing with the wrong device. Secondly, stepping out of the vehicle with the phone to a far distance also disconnects the Bluetooth after returning. 

Solution: If you went out with your smartphone, ensure re-pairing it again from the very beginning. 

  • Software Issues

Lack of updating phone software can disrupt the smooth functioning of the phone. Bluetooth connectivity also fails, especially while linking it to other devices like MyLink systems in Chevrolet cars. 

Solution: Ensure to upgrade your phone’s software regularly. Once the updating completes, delete the paired devices from both the phone and MyLink system. Pair it again with a gap of few minutes.

However, if it does not connect, switch off the vehicle, open the doors for some time and close it again. Re-pair the device once again. 

  • Automatic Issues

Bluetooth generally connects the MyLink paired systems easily. You do not have to connect it every time you sit in the car. However, automatic connectivity often has issues with some smartphones. 

Solution: As a matter of fact, some smartphones can connect only one device at a time. Hence, you must ensure if the smartphone has any other paired devices restricting it from connecting to the MyLink system.

Further, the smartphone automatically connects to the same device that was last connected, if available within the range. 

Another solution here is to check if the MyLink system connects to the same handset as connected before. If the last one’s connectivity is not disabled, it will not pair with the present device. 

  • Inactive Smartphone

Inactive Smartphone

Most of the time, we think that only switching on the vehicle’s MyLink system is essential. Bluetooth from MyLink does not connect when it does not receive the pairing signal from the adjacent device. 

Solution: Along with turning on the MyLink device, ensure to click on the Bluetooth tab in the notification bar. 

Ensure if the smartphone Bluetooth is pairing with the Chevy MyLink system or with any other nearby located device. 

  • Bluetooth Availability

While trying to connect the smartphone with the MyLink, Bluetooth is not the only option. It also connects through a USB cable. Hence if you are trying hard to pair with Bluetooth, all your efforts will go in vain if there is no Bluetooth app in the system. 

Solution: For identification of Bluetooth, press the Source or Media option on the display screen. It will show you the Bluetooth app’s position, and you can later copy it to the main screen for convenience. 

4 Reasons and Solutions of Chevy Equinox Bluetooth not Working

Chevy Equinox Bluetooth not Working

Below is a list of reasons that might arise because of the inability of Chevy equinox Bluetooth operation:

1. Incompatible Bluetooth

One of the primary reasons for difficulty connecting the Bluetooth can be due to different versions of each. If the Bluetooth version of Chevy equinox is not the same as the smartphone, it will cause certain issues. 

Solution: Although most Bluetooth versions work with each other, check the compatibility once. Use the version which is easily connecting so that it does not cause inconvenience while driving. 

2. Distance

Distance between two different Bluetooth devices must be minimal. Whether you are connecting a phone or a tablet, its distance from each other matters. Sometimes a huge pile of other objects may also obstruct the connectivity.

Solution: Remove all the obstructions in the way of the smartphone and the MyLink device. It is always better to keep the smartphone as near as possible for better connectivity.

Further, if you were keeping it inside a bag or pocket for protection from impact or bounces, check the connectivity after certain intervals. 

3. Low Battery

Low Battery 1

Bluetooth connectivity may disrupt the Chevy Equinox if there is a lack of sufficient battery in your phone. Some phones automatically turn to battery saver mode when there is a lack of it.

It turns off all secondary apps, and only the essential ones are operable. Bluetooth turns off by default when the battery is low. 

Solution: First and foremost, try to use a fully-charged smartphone while connecting it to Chevy Equinox. Secondly, connect it with the device with a USB cable.

While the phone is mirroring or using Bluetooth connectivity, the USB cable will simultaneously charge the phone.

As a result, a fully loaded battery will help in operating with better Bluetooth connectivity. 

4. Disabled

The settings n your phone may not be correctly operating. Many times, the very obvious reason which is often overlooked is the disabled Bluetooth connectivity in the smartphone.

If you are using a separate device instead of the usual one, Chevy Equinox may not connect to a new device if not paired.

Solution: Every time you require Bluetooth connectivity in your vehicle, follow these steps:

Step 1: Check if there is enough battery in the smartphone or connect to a charger. 

Step 2: Turn on the car to power up the Bluetooth of Chevy equinox.

Step 3: Unlock your phone.

Step 4: Click on the Bluetooth option in the notification bar. 

Step 5: Select the option Source or Media in the vehicle device.

Step 6: Turn on Bluetooth 

Step 7: Delete all the previously paired devices.

Step 8: Open the door of the vehicle and close it back again 

Step 9: Start searching for a new pair on both devices.

Step 10: Select the name of the vehicle displayed on your smartphone. 

Step 11: Check if the connectivity is displaying on the chevy system.

You are now almost ready to connect your vehicle’s system and use the Bluetooth connectivity for sharing files and data on the way. Hence, accessing the data, especially contacts, music, etc., becomes easier when connected through Bluetooth.

It also saves from consuming internet charges, without any specific reason.


As we conclude the article, we hope Chevy MyLink Bluetooth troubleshooting is clear to a maximum extent. The essential part of successful connectivity is the pairing of the right device with compatible Bluetooth.

But in case there are persistent issues of connection, you may delete all the paired devices. Disconnecting the device from each other and switching them off for some time will give it a reboot. 

However, if you are disconnecting the Bluetooth device completely, ensure to keep the door open for some time. Close it back and start the procedure of re-pairing without any blockages in between.

Obstruction also causes Bluetooth issues; hence, keeping it near the dashboard is a better option. Hence, next time you start your Chevy Equinox, first disconnect the Bluetooth and then connect it again.

The smooth functioning of Bluetooth helps the driver to focus on the traffic rather than distracting him to the Bluetooth.