The Italian sports car maker Ferrari is currently based in the towns of Modena and Maranello in Italy. TheFerrari Company Logo company was formed in the year 1929 as Scuderia Ferrari by Enzo Ferrari. The company sponsored a number of racecars and drivers before they began making street vehicles in the year 1947 under the name of Ferrari S.p.A.

The cars of Ferrari are widely considered to rank among the world’s most desirable vehicles. They are also one of the world’s ultimate status symbols, designating wealth and prestige. Ferrari has continued to maintain a reputation for its race vehicles throughout the duration of its history, most notably in the Formula One races. From the 1950s up to the present day, Ferrari has enjoyed much success in these races.

After many years of financial difficulties, the company founder Enzo Ferrari ended up having to sell the Ferrari name to the Fiat group in the year 1969 as a means of ensuring financial backing for the future. Enzo Ferrari would retain control of the company’s racing division up until the year of his death, 1988. Ferrari was 90 years old at the time of his death.

In addition to its award winning line of automobiles, Ferrari is also known for manufacturing a range of merchandise promoting its name. These include perfume, clothes, bicycles, laptop computers, pens, pencils, and sunglasses. In the year 2007, the Financial Times named Ferrari one of the 100 Best Places to Work in Europe.

It was never the intention of founder Enzo Ferrari to produce road cars. He started out as a mere sponsor for amateur racecar drivers who were headquartered in the town of Modena. Up until the year 1938, Ferrari would prepare and race several drivers with successful results. Then, in the late ‘30s, he was hired by Alfa to head their race department.

The amazing Ferrari Enzo


Above - The Ferrari Enzo, named after the founder of Ferrari Mr Enzo Ferrari.


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