Ford E 150 – Review

The Ford E 150 is a three-door full-size fan that can hold up to five passengers at a time. It was manufactured by Ford. In the year 2006, Ford was ranked as the United States of America’s second-biggest carmaker, with a market share valued at 17.5 percent.

This positioned it directly behind General Motors, but slightly ahead of both Toyota and Daimler Chrysler. On the Fortune 500 list of 2007, Ford was positioned as the seventh American company, with global revenues exceeding $160 billion. In 2006, Ford made over six million cars. Ford employs an estimated 280,000 workers at their factories and facilities around the world.

Ford E 150

The Ford E 150 is available in five different trims, ranging from the E 150 to the E350 Super Duty Extended. Upon its introduction, the E 150 came equipped with a standard 4.6 L 225 hp V8 Configuration that is capable of attaining 15 mpg in the city and 19 mpg on the highway.

The Ford 350 Super Duty Extended vehicle comes equipped with a 5.4 liter 255 hp V8 Configuration.

On both trims, a four-speed automatic transmission with overdrive comes as standard.

The Ford E Series Van comes freshened for the model year 2008.

Video of Ford E 150