Ford F 150 – Car Specs & Review

The Ford F 150 is the most popular vehicle in the Ford F Series, a series of full-size pickup trucks that the Ford Motor Company has been selling for nearly six decades.

The Ford F 150 has been the best-selling vehicle in the United States of America for over twenty years and the best-selling truck in that country for thirty years. It is believed that sales of the F Series alone constitute half of all of the Ford Motor Company’s profits in recent years.

Ford F 150

In the tenth generation of the Ford F Series, Ford decided to split the F 150 and the F 250 / 350 into two distinct body styles. The new version of the F 250 / F 350 is now known as the Super Duty.

Once it arrived in its tenth generation, sales of the Ford F 150 exceeded nearly a million units a year. During the final years of the tenth generation, however, sales of the Ford F 150 began to lag behind that of similar vehicles by Dodge.

In the year 1997, Motor Trend Magazine named the Ford F150 the Truck of the Year. A limited range of Heritage Edition F 150s was released in 2004.

Ford F 150 2

Ford F 150 Car Specifications

Manufactured In United States
Numbers Manufactured N/A (Prototype)
Produced in 2006
Configuration 90º V 8
Location Front, longitudinally mounted
Construction cast-iron block, aluminum head
Displacement 5.4 liter / 329.5 cu in
Bore / Stroke 90.2 mm (3.6 in) / 105.7 mm (4.2 in)
Valvetrain 3 valves / cylinder, SOHC
Fuel feed Fuel injection
Aspiration Supercharger
Power 425 bhp / 317 KW
Torque 678 Nm / 500 ft lbs
BHP/Liter 79 bhp / liter

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