Audi S5 – Review

Alongside a new A5 coupe automobile, the German automaker Audi has launched a new S5 for the model year 2008. It will feature a powerful new V8 FSI Configuration, which can produce a torque of up to 354 hp and 325 lb/ft. Similar to the Audi A5, the Audi S5 will feature a Configuration placement directly behind the car’s front wheels.

This should result in an ideal balance of weight, however like all Audi cars in the S series, the S5 boasts a sportier suspension, as well as unique rear and front fascias. High-performance brakes and wheels make the Audi S5 a beauty to drive. It has also received rave reviews for its carbon-fiber interior elements.

The Audi S5 can be acquired in either a DSG gearbox or as a six-speed manual transmission.

Audi S5

Audi hopes to answer drivers’ more aggressive steering demands with the help of its wide 108.3-inch wheelbase. This is bound to be the widest wheelbase in the sport coupe segment.

What is more, the Audi S5 will feature a sound system from Bang & Olufsen that comes complete with 465 digitally amplified watts as well as twelve speakers, not to mention noise compensation that is microphone-based.

Audi S5

Audi S5 Car Specifications

Configuration 4.2 L V8
CC 4,163
Fuel type Premium unleaded
Maximum power kW 260
Maximum power hp/PS 354
Maximum torque Nm 440
Maximum torque lb ft No Data
Transmission type Manual
Number of speeds 6
Sports or close ratio No
Manual mode – auto only No

Video of Audi S5