Audi S6 – Review & Specs

Audi manufactures a high-performance version of their A6 executive automobile that is known as the Audi S6. It first went on the market in the year 1994. The S6 is in many ways the same automobile as the S4, only it has new body cladding and badging.

In the year 1995, Audi began to sell its fifth-generation 100 models as an Audi A6. The idea was to keep a sports sedan car in the Audi lineup. The company then made small changes to what had been badged the S4 and began to market it as an S6. Eventually, the Audi S4 would morph into a completely different car that was based on the Audi A4, a smaller Audi model.

Audi S6

In the year 1997, Audi introduced the second generation of A6 cars. The new S6 appeared two years later on the new platform. The body panels on the new Audi S6 are based largely on the A6 4.2 model and feature flared wheel arches and doorsills.

Other impressive features of the new Audi S6 include S6 badging, bolstered seats, a unique front grille and rear decklid spoiler, and an aluminum hood. A wagon version of the car is available in the United States.

Audi S6

Audi S6 Car Specifications

Trim S6 Quattro 4dr
Transmission: Automatic
Configuration: 5.2
Configuration Size: 5204cc
Power (hp): 435 ps
Power (kW): N.A
Torque (ft/lb): 398
Torque (NM): N.A
Maximum Speed: 155 mph
0-60 acceleration 5.2 sec
Urban fuel consumption: 15.3 mpg
Extra Urban fuel consumption: 31 mpg
Combined fuel consumption: 22.4 mpg
Miles Per Litre: Variable Miles
Fuel Cost Per Mile £0.191
Cost Of Full Tank: £75.44

Video of Audi S6