Jaguar XJ – Review

Jaguar XJ

The luxury saloon vehicle known as the Jaguar XJ has been sold under the Jaguar luxury marque now for several years. The Jaguar XJ was first unveiled in the late 1960s. It has served as the Jaguar flagship model vehicle now for the vast majority of the car’s production span, which continues to the present … Read more

The Benefits Of Buying Local vs Online For Used Car Parts

car parts

Looking for used car parts can be a daunting task. Especially when on a budget. Not only do you have to determine the right kind of part you need, but you also have to decide where to buy it from — online or locally? The decision between buying online and locally is not easy, as … Read more

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BMW M3 – Car Specifications


The BMW M3 is known as a high-performance version of the compact vehicle the BMW 3 Series. M3 models have been based on the E30, E36, E46, and E92 vehicles. The BMW M3 is based on the E30 3 Series of 1986. The BMW M3 was initially introduced with a 2.3 L S14 Configuration that … Read more

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Aston Martin DB9 – Review & Car Specifications

Aston Martin DB9

The Aston Martin DBR9 is a racecar that was first built by Aston Martin in the year 2005. It is named after former owner David Brown and is derived from the original DBR1 car, which won the 24 Hours of Le Man’s competition. The original car was also the winner of the World Sportscar title. … Read more

Aston Martin DB7 – Car Specifications

Aston Martin DB7

The Aston Martin DB7 model was manufactured as a grand tourer between the years 1994 and 2003. It was available in either convertible or coupĂ© form. It was first unveiled in the year 1993 at the Geneva Motor Show. A six-cylinder vehicle, the Aston Martin DB7 was intended as a replacement for the Aston Martin … Read more

Audi A2 – Review

Audi A2 2

The German car manufacturer Audi produced a premium supermini known as the Audi A2 between the years 1999 and 2005. The very last cars were manufactured in the Neckarsulm factory in the month of July 2005. The design of the Audi A2 is based on the Audi Al2 concept vehicle that was initially shown in … Read more