What is a Car Splitter and Why You Need One for Your Ride

If you’re a bit of a rev head, you probably take pride in upgrading your car with the latest features to create your ideal set of wheels.

And if you’re into sporty upgrades, chances are that you’ve probably thought about installing a car splitter to really give it that race car feels.

Well, a car front splitter is one of the best accessories to not only make your car look the part, but it can also improve the overall performance of your ride too. There’s a reason why front splitters are one of the most sought-after car mods.

Today, we’re going to tell you why people love installing front splitters to their cars – so whether you’re new to the car scene or you just like to keep up with the latest news on car mods, keep reading to find out why you need a front splitter for your car.

What is a car splitter?

Car Splitters
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A car splitter, also known as a front splitter, is a piece of bodywork that is installed parallel to the ground at the front bumper of your car. It essentially extends out in front of the bottom of the car.

The point of the car splitter is to split the air that the car drives into so that the high-pressure air goes over the car and the low pressure goes underneath the car. The aim is to increase traction as the high-pressure air pushes down on the car.

Front splitters are sometimes confused with front chin spoilers, however, front chin spoilers are smaller in size and don’t stick out as much. They are both designed to have an effect on the way air interacts with your car and improve the aerodynamics of the car – just in different ways.

What does a car front splitter actually do?

As we mentioned above, it’s all about controlling how air and air pressure can affect and improve your car’s performance, however, for it to do this properly, lots of things need to be taken into consideration. So, let’s take a look at what the front splitter actually does and the important factors that need to be taken into consideration.

One of the biggest obstacles to great performance for any car is air resistance. Every car, when in motion, is pushing through air resistance. At slower driving speeds, the impact of air resistance isn’t always noticeable, however, if you’re driving your car for speed or racing, air resistance makes your car’s engine work pretty hard to keep moving.

When a lot of air hits the front of the car, in standard cars or those without a front splitter, a lot of this air goes under the car, which can be dangerous at high speeds as it can actually lead to the car being lifted, which obviously decreases traction and speed.

The front splitter will “split” the air that your car is driving through, so that more of it is being pushed over the car, rather than under it. As more air goes over the car, the pressure from the air actually encourages the traction of the car as it pushes down on the front end of the car.

The splitter also facilitates the lowering of the air pressure, as it hits the bumper the air pressure slows down, and as it continues to travel over the car, the pressure is lessened so there is less resistance for the traveling car.

The air that flows under the car is less impacted, however, there is less of it now, so stability has been increased and your car is less likely to lift, so traction is increased.

car with Car Splitter
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How your car splitter is installed matters

You shouldn’t just stick a car splitter to the front of your car and hope for the best. There are lots of things to take into consideration, here are two of the most important factors:

  1. Position – this might seem obvious, but the position of your splitter is vital as you don’t want too much air flowing under the car or too little airflow either. The splitter should be positioned low but not too low.
  2. Ride Height – one of the best ways to achieve great results when installing a car splitter is to install one in a car that has a suspension system where you can adjust the car’s ride height. This way you have more flexibility in ensuring you get your installation right.

Exploring the Different Types of Car Splitters in the Market Today

Car splitters are the devices that are used to divide the engine power of an automobile into two or more outputs. They mainly come in two types: manual and automatic.

Manual car splitters come with a lever that is used to switch between the two outputs. Automatic car splitters come with a motorized mechanism that can be controlled using a remote control or by using a key fob.

Car splitters are important because they provide different output speeds and torque levels for different types of vehicles, such as cars and trucks. They also help keep your vehicle running smoothly while on the road.

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Can You Use Your Insurance to Cover Installation Costs?

If you have an auto insurance policy that covers repairs, you may be able to use the coverage to cover installation costs for a car splitter. A car splitter is a device that is installed on the front bumper of your vehicle and helps prevent cars from hitting your vehicle in the event of a collision. It is typically installed by professionals or at an auto body shop. You can also install it yourself if you have the proper tools and know-how.

Insurance policies typically do not cover installation costs because they’re considered cosmetic repairs rather than safety-related repairs. However, some policies will cover costs of car splitter installation under their automotive coverage.

Where can you get car splitters?

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