How to Make Jeep Wrangler Ride Smoother & The Best Safety Lessons in 2024!

Undoubtedly, Jeep Wrangler has been not known far for its off-road rides, many people have faced a few issues and came up asking “How to make Jeep Wrangler ride smoother?” in many online forums.

However, the most attractive design of this vehicle has been done keeping its simplicity in style, the performance of the rug and great body maintained similar in most of its models.

This has attracted a lot of people to buy it.

But many people have faced toughness and a bit brittle riding experience in this car. Most people complain about the shock absorbents which have been too rigid and do not hold on to catch enough grip, also the vehicle’s body has been slightly at an upper level from the ground.

Best Jeep Wrangler Shocks for Smooth Driving

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Thus, this causes me to feel a little bumpy while riding and sitting in the cabin.

However, there are several solutions that have been provided by some automobile experts that will help you in getting your riding experience more smooth in a Jeep Wrangler.

Most Common Issues You May Face While Riding The Jeep Wrangler

Before we look upon the solutions, let us see where exactly the problem occurs and why does it affect riding?

Wheelbase Impact Issue

The wheelbase can lend you in a little bit of difficulty as here it does not have more capability to handle the energy that is released from the vehicle when you have hit a bump or any obstacle either with the front or rear axle.

It also creates some aerodynamic noise of a barn. Compared to any other SUV’s this jeep will make more noise, and if it is a soft top it will definitely make some noise.

Rebounding of Springs Due To Poor Shocks

Many times it can happen that the shocks in the jeep are hydraulic, this will lead the springs to get more rebounding and movement while riding on a bumpy road.

Also, the jeep will not get a quick recovery as the shock is loose which can also lead to more rolling of the body while making a tight turn.

Less Stiffness In Bump-stops

Jeep Wrangler has been designed with the bump stops. They help in getting the excessive handling of spring. But when it exceeds the level, the spring becomes fully compressed.

Over compressing of springs can also make the shocks stress more because it will try to get all the compression of spring and release after unloading

Improper Alignment Of The Steering Stabilizers

These stabilizers work for making excessive handling get absorbed while driving and also it will not let the power of the steering get transferred.

But in the condition where the speed is increased and exceeds a certain level, the steering can have some exponential reactions.

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7 Tips On How To Make Jeep Wrangler Ride Smoother

01. Use of Gas-filled Shock or Reservoir Shock

For a better rebounding of spring, try to use the gas-filled shock they are enough stiff and can let the spring rebound for lesser time compared to the hydraulic shocks.

This will also make sure that there is good maintenance of the low center of gravity which is because of the adjustment made in the stock height level.

However, the shocks must be designed about 0-2 inches. There are even the reservoir shocks available for the same purpose. They can be a little bit pricey, but it will provide a good level of motion and fluid displacement which will get so that heat dissipation is also managed well.

This can happen at curved and paved roads but with reservoir shocks, it can be prevented easily and there will be no fading and underperformance seen.

02. Up-gradation of Bump Stop

When you upgrade the bump stop, it will make sure that there is less compressing of the spring and also cause limited stressing of the shock. Up-Grading always chooses a stiffer bump stop so that you can get the best results while riding.

03. Replacement of Shock Dampers & Coil Cover

The shock dampers and the coil which is covered on the spring also need to get replaced. New ones can be of lower high-performance which helps in maintaining the stiffness throughout the ride.

04. Better Low Profile Tires

The tires having a profile of low levels will support more and resist traction. This will also help in maintaining the grip at the surface of the road. The tires which are shorter commuters run perfectly for highway driving.

They also will create less friction. The overall height of the vehicle slightly gets less but that is great for smooth riding.

05. Installing a Camber Kit

This kit is mostly installed for decreasing the impact of the surface of imperfect and rough roads. As your wheels are at a lower level, it will create a unique angle to the road surface where it helps to left and right sides are more powerful and work over each other.

It will also make the track of the tire straight and make the impact decreased that is created by the bumps in the cabin.

06. Servicing the Car with Professional Assistance Ship

Here it is nothing you can do but take the help of professional assistance in automobile work. They can suggest you about using the right tires for alignments and even for different parts.

Also, your query of how to make jeep wrangler ride smoother gets solved by them.

07. Being at Average or Lower Speed

Always drive at low speed at tricky roads as it will help in making the shifts smoother. Also, this will make the high-torque engines more capable to jump and easy changing of gear making the ride smoother.

Choose The Right Shocks For Your Jeep & Make Your Ride Smoother

Few Pieces of Advice & Suggestion that Can Also Help for Getting Rid of Choppy Ride

  • Add on some weight to the Jeep.
  • Do not remove any door or even the roof. This will lessen the weight and will make the impact of road bumps cause more rebounding.
  • Even the installation of a hard rooftop and doors can work if they are completely made of steel.
  • Install a new pair of suspension springs and make it equal in all corners. This will make the vehicle make less bounce while traveling. Make sure they are not unevenly placed.


Jeep Wranglers have been created for both the types of rides off-road and regular. You need to maintain the pace according to the type of road taken to ride on.

Therefore, learning “How to Make Jeep Wrangler Ride Smoother” is beneficial and adds some extra securities.

Don’t try to mix up and ride rough at any road surface. There is no kind of bad quality of spare parts installed in your vehicle, but always take the right accountability of it.